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Illinois manufacturer recalls propane gas cylinders

Illinois-based manufacturer Aux Sable Liquid Products recently recalled 700 rail cars of propane gas sold in cylinders and distributed to storage tanks.  The recall was announced on January 25, 2011 because the product may not contain sufficient levels of added odorant for consumers to notice if there is a gas leak.  Gas leaks can cause fires, explosions and other thermal burn hazards possibly resulting in injuries, or even death.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission asks consumers to contact Aux Sable Liquid Products if you have purchased the recalled product.  “The recall involves odorized propane gas delivered for storage tanks or sold in portable cylinder between February 25, 2010 and September 30, 2010.  If the storage tank has been refilled or if the consumer has received additional propane since September 30, 2010, such propane is not included in this recall,” stated the recall announcement.

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