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Potholes need repair in Champaign

According to the Champaign Public Work’s Department, since December 29th the city has repaired more than 946 potholes.  In addition, officials from the department say that they receive an average of 2 requests a day for pothole repairs.  City officials say that they are still encouraging residents to report potholes and that they will try to repair them within two business days.

During the winter months, pothole repair can be hard to keep up with.  Potholes are formed from a combination of factors including freezing and thawing, poor base support and traffic.  It is very common for potholes to damage vehicles, especially to the rim or bumpers of the car.  Even worse, potholes have been known to cause car accidents, typically because a driver either loses control of their vehicle after driving through a pothole or because a vehicle becomes stuck in a pothole and is struck by another vehicle.

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