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Bill could allow dogs to be banned for breed

State Representative John Bradley recently introduced a bill that he created that would allow cities and communities to ban certain dog breeds.  House Bill 1080 proposes lifting the ban from determining if a dog is vicious or dangerous based on its breed from Illinois’ Animal Control Act.

Currently, the Animal Control Act uses a variety of factors to classify a dog as dangerous, but bans doing so based on a dog’s breed.  Bradley says he created the bill so that smaller municipalities could have the power to completely ban a certain breed of dog.

Proponents of banning certain dog breeds mostly support this idea to reduce the chances of someone being bitten or attacked by a dangerous dog and believe that certain dog breeds are more likely to be aggressive.  “Everyone says that their particular dog is just wonderful…if that were truly the case in every case, many children would not have the scars of dog attacks,” said one supporter of the legislation.

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