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4 injured in Florida restaurant fire

Four people suffered burn injures after an accident caused a fire at a restaurant in Florida this weekend.  According to county police officers, the fire started when a waiter at the Ozona Blue Grilling Co. was making an order of bananas foster tableside.

The dessert is made by pouring liquor over the top and the lighting it on fire.  Reports indicate that the waiter held the bottle of 151-proof liquor too close to the dessert after lighting it on fire and the fire crept up towards the bottle.  The liquor bottle caught firecausing the waiter to lose control and spill the flaming liquid onto a table of restaurant patrons.

One 25-year old woman at the table suffered serious burn injuries including third degree burns.  She was taken to Tampa General Hospital via helicopter.  Another woman at the table suffered respiratory burns and two men at the table suffered minor burn injuries.

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