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Orland Park man charged with several traffic violations

A 32-year old man from Orland Park was recently arrested on multiple traffic violation charges.  According to Orland Park Police reports, an officer pulled the man over at around 4:25 A.M. after he was seen stopping and exiting his vehicle at the 9900 block of El Cameno Real Drive.

Officers arrested the man after discovering that he was driving without a license.  In addition to being charged with driving without a license, the man was charged with driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

Another man faced criminal charges after refusing to leave the scene of the arrest.  Police charged the 23-year old Orland Park man with misdemeanor obstructing a police officer.

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Riverside Police step up traffic violation enforcement

Last month, the Riverside Police reported making an effort to increase enforcement of traffic laws in the city.  Officers focused on four of the city’s most problematic areas and issued 22 traffic citations in the first week of the crackdown.

Police said that they decided to step up enforcement after requests from several of the city’s residents.  The four areas that law enforcement officers focused their efforts on were Harlem Avenue, Riverside Brookfield High School, the 100 block of Barrypoint Road, and the 300 block of Longcommon Road.

Most of the traffic citations were given for speeding, running through stop signs, and using cell phones in school zones.  One citation for driving without a license resulted in arrest.

Contact the Champaign driving without a license lawyers of Bruno Law Offices at 217-328-6000 if you or someone you know has been charged with, or arrested for, driving without a license or driving with an expired license.

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