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Police turn to social media, video footage to find Illinois cop killers

Police authorities in Fox Lake, Illinois are currently on the lookout for three suspects in the fatal shooting of 30-year-old Police Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, announcing last Wednesday, September 2 that they are brushing through social media tips to look for the men suspected to be involved in the killing. Police are unsure if the suspects are still within the vicinity of the crime scene or if they have fled.

Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Commander George Filenko said that around 100 investigators have been scouring the 2-square-mile perimeter of homes, marshland, and railroad tracks in the village of Fox Lake, to catch Gliniewicz’s killers. Gliniewicz was shot last Tuesday, September 1.

Filenko noted that the suspects – who Gliniewicz had been pursuing before he was shot – were noted as two white men and one black man.

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Mattoon woman violates three-year probation in car theft case

Illinois resident Abby Mingus, 32, was re-sentenced to 3 ½ years of imprisonment after violating her three year probation for stealing a vehicle in January 2014, the Journal Gazette and Times-Courier reported on June 15.

Her sentence included a provision that required her to attend a treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities program. However, Mingus was charged with retail theft for allegedly stealing merchandise from a Wal-Mart store in Charleston in October 2014, causing the court to re-sentence her for her prior conviction. Mingus was also charged with obstruction of justice and driving with a revoked or suspended license on May 7, 2015.

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Defense attorney Tony Bruno avoids jail time for client

Attorney Tony Bruno recently represented a Champaign resident who was accused of recording a teenage girl without permission, according to a June 17 article in The News-Gazette.

The accused pleaded guilty to unauthorized video recording. Although the Assistant State Attorney argued for a jail term of three years, Bruno managed to reduce the sentence to home detention and a period of probation. The home detention will be monitored by an electrical device for six months. Then, a probation period of 30 months will follow. Bruno said that his client has performed community service work for three years now, and probation would provide him the chance to continue this positive contribution.

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Judge reduces Champaign man’s sentence for third DUI conviction

Champaign County Judge Richard Klaus decreased the sentence he gave to 32-year-old Champaign resident Robeson Graham-Bailey for his third DUI conviction due to additional evidence that previously was not heard, according to the News-Gazette on May 27.

Graham-Bailey was originally sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison, but Klaus knocked three years off of this term.

The third DUI stemmed from Graham-Bailey’s erratic driving in downtown Champaign in May of last year, which earned him an aggravated DUI conviction in January 2015.

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Man charged with first-degree murder sentenced to 65 years

Thirty-year-old Champaign County resident Micah Hopkins was sentenced to 65 years for a first-degree murder charge after shooting his friend, 26-year-old Allen Redding, in June 2014, according to the News-Gazette on May 15.

Court documents showed that an altercation regarding money happened between Hopkins and Redding in the yard of Redding’s cousins, and ultimately resulted in Hopkins shooting Redding. Seven of the eight shots Hopkins fired on Redding went into his back.

Hopkins will not be eligible for parole within the 65-year sentence, as this is 15 years fewer than the maximum sentence.

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Tom Bruno eliminates six of seven charges with plea agreement for client

Daniel Beckwitt was facing seven criminal charges in 2013, to which he originally pleaded not guilty. Six of those charges were eventually dropped after attorney Tom Bruno arranged a plea agreement with Assistant State’s Attorney Matt Banach. In the end, Beckwitt pleaded guilty to a single count of computer fraud, a Class 3 felony. As part of his punishment for the felony, Beckwitt was sentenced to 24 months of probation and made to pay just under $25,000 in fines and restitution.

The original charges stemmed from allegations concerning Beckwitt’s tampering with computers in the University of Illinois’ Everitt Laboratory to gain access to a student’s account with the use of a keyboard logger. By doing so, the affected student was made to commit an academic integrity violation. UI also claimed that the hacking forced the cancellation of a final exam.  Beckwitt was ordered to compensate the University of Illinois over $22,000 to pay for the damages that were associated with the crime that he pleaded guilty to.

Illinois man sentenced to 107 years for 2013 murder

Twenty-three-year-old Kamron Taylor was sentenced to 107 years by Kankakee County Circuit Judge Kathy Bradshaw-Elliott on May 11 for the shooting death of 21-year-old Nelson Williams, Jr., during a failed robbery back in 2013, according to a report in the Kankakee Daily Journal.

Bradshaw-Elliott told Taylor that he was a threat to the community and repeatedly proved to be dangerous. In April of this year, Taylor escaped from the Jerome Combs Detention Center before being re-captured three days later.

The defense team called a mitigation specialist to the stand, who had written a 15 page report on Taylor’s past, including evidence of abuse by relatives since the age of 3.

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Champaign jury rejects self-defense plea and convicts man in shooting

A jury in Champaign County deliberated for five hours on April 9 before rejecting 30-year-old local Micah Hopkins’ claim that he shot 26-year-old local Allen Redding repeatedly in self-defense, thereby convicting Hopkins of first-degree murder, according to the News-Gazette.

Redding suffered eight gunshot wounds in the yard of his cousin’s home at around 5:30 p.m. on June 24, 2014. The incident began over a dispute about money. Although two other men were originally implicated in the crime, the charges against them were dismissed.

Sentencing for this conviction will occur in May; Hopkins is expected to receive 45 years to life in prison.

First-degree murder, which is a charge described as the unlawful killing of another person either intentionally or while committing a different felony, is a grave criminal offense that results in serious implications to the freedom of those convicted. If you have been charged with this crime in Champaign, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Bruno Law Offices by dialing 217-328-6000 today to learn how we may help you challenge every aspect of the case against you.

Shooting suspect to stand for his defense

Thirty-year-old Champaign, Illinois resident Micah Hopkins was recently tried before the Champaign County Judge Heidi Ladd for charges of first-degree murder, the News-Gazette reported on April 8.

This was the same day that Hopkins was slated to stand for his own defense. Hopkins was accused of shooting and killing Allen Redding, 26, who used to be his friend before a dispute arose about money.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Shiping Bao, said Redding could have remained alive with seven gunshot wounds but not the eighth, as the bullet pierced through his aorta and resulted in internal bleeding that quickly killed him.

A gun was found next to Redding, and witnesses have various accounts that include a second shooter.

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Urbana implements new procedure to catch drug dealers

The Urbana Police Division in Illinois has begun sending out patrol officers to make raids on drug tips rather than just its detectives, the Springfield News-Sun reported on April 3.

For instance, police officers raided the house of Urbana locals Steven Inskeep, 57, and Sonda Shafer, 48, wherein they found 20 marijuana plants. Additionally, their warehouse along U.S. Route 36 was raided, and 165 more marijuana plants were found.

A few days prior to this raid, police officers obtained a warrant to search the home of 43-year-old Christina McDonald, who lives at 112 1/3 E. Church Street, where they found prescription medicine and marijuana, as well as evidence relating to a different theft case, according to a statement signed by Urbana Police Chief Matt Lingrell.

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