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Judge reduces Champaign man’s sentence for third DUI conviction

Champaign County Judge Richard Klaus decreased the sentence he gave to 32-year-old Champaign resident Robeson Graham-Bailey for his third DUI conviction due to additional evidence that previously was not heard, according to the News-Gazette on May 27.

Graham-Bailey was originally sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison, but Klaus knocked three years off of this term.

The third DUI stemmed from Graham-Bailey’s erratic driving in downtown Champaign in May of last year, which earned him an aggravated DUI conviction in January 2015.

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Sentence reduced for aggravated DUI offender

Twenty-five-year-old Philo, Illinois resident Katie Daly walked out of a Champaign County courtroom on February 20 in relief after Champaign County Judge Tom Difanis sentenced her to 30 months of probation in connection with an aggravated driving under the influence charge, The News-Gazette reported.

Difanis reversed an earlier ruling made by Judge Richard Klaus – who oversees the county’s felony cases – in March 2014 that Katie Daly should be sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison for pleading guilty to aggravated DUI and admitting that she caused the death of her 19-year-old cousin, Annie Daly, on Oct. 6, 2013 for drinking while driving.

Difanis, along with the Fourth District Appellate Court, ruled that Klaus’ sentence was an “abuse of discretion.”

According to police investigators, Annie Daly was thrown from a John Deere Gator utility vehicle driven by Katie Daly around 3 a.m. on their way home from a party and succumbed to mortal injuries at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, where she was taken for treatment.

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