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The experienced Danville criminal defense lawyers from Bruno Law Offices are dedicated to providing quality criminal defense to those in the Danville area. Since the firm opened in 1980, we have successfully defended many clients against wrongful death claims, DUI accusations, and even murder charges that would have resulted in the death penalty.

Since every criminal case is unique, our experienced attorneys will treat your case with the personalized attention that you deserve. Regardless of the charges you face, we are confident that our group of experienced lawyers can help you put forth a solid defense. If you or someone you love was recently charged with a criminal offense, contact the experienced Danville defense lawyers from Bruno Law Offices today at (217) 328-6000 to learn more about our criminal defense services.

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    Our Practice Areas

    The Danville criminal defense attorneys from Bruno Law Offices are prepared to represent clients in a number of legal areas. Our practice areas include:

    • Criminal Defense
    • DUI
    • Traffic Violations
    • Personal Injury

    With our decades of combined experience, we are prepared to put forth a strong and effective defense for your criminal charges.

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    When you face criminal charges, much of your immediate future will rely heavily on the criminal defense you employ for your case. If you or someone you love was recently charged with a crime, contact the experienced Danville criminal defense attorneys from Bruno Law Offices at (217) 328-6000 for a free initial consultation with a legal professional.