Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Tuscola

Once targeted by the criminal justice system, it is easy for you to become overwhelmed by the potential penalties that accompany conviction. Do not let all of this anxiety distract you from the fact that you need to choose a capable, experienced defense attorney. The Tuscola criminal defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices are the dedicated attorneys you need in your corner during this difficult time.

Criminal charges may be tough to face, but you do not have to face them alone. A skilled and knowledgeable legal team that is fighting to defend your case with your best interests in mind can make all the difference. Contact the law offices of Bruno Law Offices at 217-328-6000 for a consultation.

Table Of Contents

    Criminal Acts

    With their years of experience, the lawyers of Bruno Law Offices know what it takes to defend the citizens of central Illinois. The following represent some of the kinds of allegations against which we can help you to mount a vigorous and thorough defense:

    • Drug Crimes
    • Sex Crimes
    • Theft & Fraud
    • Assault & Battery
    • Domestic Battery
    • Manslaughter
    • Murder

    Each of these charges is serious, and it is important that you have an attorney that treats your case with the gravity it deserves. Your future is too precious to leave up to chance. The attorneys of Bruno Law Offices understand what you have at stake and are prepared to defend you aggressively in your time of need.

    Contact Us

    If you or someone you love faces criminal charges, contact the Tuscola criminal defense attorneys of Bruno Law Offices by calling 217-328-6000. Do not delay, as each moment lost limits the amount of time that can be given to constructing your defense.