Assault and Battery

Assault and battery, two separate crimes that are often grouped together in criminal law, are considered to be violent offenses here in the United States. While charges for these crimes vary from state to state, they are typically charged as misdemeanors unless an aggravating factor, such as a gun or another deadly weapon, is involved. Offenders will typically face a high fine and a jail sentence of up to one year.


Assault is a crime in and of itself. It involves no physical contact between the assailant and the victim, but it is still illegal. One commits assault when he or she threatens to use violence or harm another person. This act of causing another individual to fear for his or her safety is not allowed in the United States, and those found guilty of doing so may be charged with a crime and a tort.


Like assault, battery alone is also considered to be a crime. Battery does involve physical contact between the offender and the victim – either offensive or harmful contact. This means that anything from spitting on to punching another person may be considered to be an act of battery. Again, as with assault, those who commit battery may face both criminal and civil charges.

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