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The laws surrounding marijuana possession have been changing dramatically in the U.S. As of January 2020, marijuana is legal in Illinois for adult recreational use. However, there are still many strict laws in place regarding how much marijuana you can legally have, where you can use it, and who you can buy it from.

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    The Legalization of Marijuana in Illinois

    In January 2020, new laws legalized the use of cannabis in Illinois. However, despite the ability to legally possess marijuana, there are various restrictions you must follow. The laws that could affect you include the following:

    • To purchase marijuana, you must be at least 21 years old. Anyone under 21 years of age who purchases marijuana would be doing so illegally.
    • Illinois residents may purchase no more than 30 grams or one ounce of cannabis plant material.
    • If you’re a non-resident, you can only purchase half the amount that residents are allowed.
    • Possessing marijuana on school property or delivering it to a minor is illegal.
    • Patients with a medical marijuana card can grow no more than five plants.
    • Cultivators and dispensaries with a valid license can legally sell marijuana.
    • Smoking or consuming marijuana in open public areas is illegal.
    • You must have a special transportation license to transport and deliver cannabis.

    Breaking any of these laws could result in fines, imprisonment, and other penalties. Illinois takes illegal possession of marijuana seriously and punishes guilty individuals harshly. It’s crucial that you hire a Champaign marijuana possession attorney immediately if you’re arrested for a marijuana-related offense.

    What Medical Conditions Are Eligible for the Use of Medical Marijuana?

    In 2013, the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Pilot Program became effective and allowed anyone diagnosed with specific medical conditions to purchase marijuana for medical use. If you carry a valid card, you can visit state-approved dispensaries to buy marijuana and other cannabis products.

    According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, some of the illnesses eligible for a medical marijuana card include:

    These are just some examples of the debilitating conditions and diseases you must have to purchase marijuana legally. If you were arrested or charged with possession and have a valid card, you could use that to prove you weren’t breaking the law. Your Champaign marijuana possession attorney will create a defense around it and show evidence that you’re innocent of the charges.

    Penalties You Could Face for a Marijuana Possession Conviction

    Your punishment will depend on the amount of cannabis in your possession and other contributing factors. Additional fines or jail time could result from other offenses you committed at the time of possession. For instance, if you also assaulted someone, that could add years to your prison sentence.

    The following are the charges and penalties for marijuana possession based on the amount:

    30 to 100 grams

    • Class A misdemeanor
    • Maximum of one year in prison
    • Up to a $2,500 fine

    100 to 500 grams

    • Class 4 felony
    • One to three years in prison
    • Up to a $25,000 fine

    500 to 2,000 grams

    • Class 3 felony
    • One to five years in prison
    • Up to a $25,000 fine

    2,000 to 5,000 grams

    • Class 2 felony
    • Three to seven years in prison
    • Up to a $25,000 fine

    More than 5,000 grams

    • Class 1 felony
    • Four to 15 years in prison
    • Up to a $25,000 fine

    You could end up with additional charges if there’s possession with intent to sell, delivery to a minor on school grounds, trafficking, or cultivation. Those consequences are just as harsh as possession and could tack on more years to your imprisonment or a higher fine.

    A marijuana possession conviction could also impact your future. You may have difficulty finding adequate employment upon your release from prison and a place to live. It’s something that can affect the rest of your life. An experienced Champaign marijuana possession attorney will work hard to ensure this crime doesn’t ruin your life.

    Penalties for Possession of Paraphernalia

    Despite laws that legalized marijuana throughout Illinois, there are regulations associated with paraphernalia. Paraphernalia is a product, equipment, or material used to propagate, plant, grow, harvest, cultivate, compound, manufacture, convert, process, prepare, produce, test, retest, contain, store, analyze, inject, seal, inhale, or introduce into the body a controlled substance.

    If you’re convicted of paraphernalia possession, you could face a fine and jail time depending on the amount of marijuana used and the offense you committed:

    Paraphernalia with under 10 grams of marijuana

    • Civil violation
    • $100 to $200 fine

    Paraphernalia with over 10 grams of marijuana

    • Fine between $750 and $2,500
    • Up to one year in prison

    Sale of paraphernalia without proper licensing

    • Fine between $1,000 and $25,000
    • Up to five years in prison

    Sale of paraphernalia to a pregnant woman or minor child

    • Fine of $1,000
    • Up to seven years in prison

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