Police Interviews In Champaign

Police often call people they suspect of committing a criminal offense and ask them to come into the station so that they can give investigators their side of the story. Do not be fooled; police use this opportunity to catch suspects without an attorney so that they can draw out a confession and make an arrest right then and there. Bearing this in mind, you need to have your attorney with you if you agree to be interviewed by the police about a criminal offense.

At Bruno Law Offices, our Champaign police interview lawyers can help you understand exactly what may be at stake during a police interview before you ever sit down with investigators. More than that, one of our attorneys can be in the room with you to protect your rights and to ensure that the police do not draw out any potentially incriminating information from you.

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    Get Legal Representation Before a Police Interview

    Once you have been contacted by the police in Champaign or Urbana, you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately. After you have spoken with one of our attorneys, our team can do the following if you still want to go ahead with the interview:

    • Make sure the police observe your rights
    • Ensure you do not say anything you might later regret
    • Speak on your behalf if you choose
    • End the interview when the time is right

    Make no mistakes about it: the police want to get a confession out of you when they ask you to come into the station. That being said, you need legal representation whenever you speak with police as part of a criminal investigation.

    Consult with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Champaign

    If the police have asked you to answer questions of any sort, you need to retain an experienced Champaign-Urbana criminal defense attorney at Bruno Law Offices for your police interview. To speak with an attorney about the nature of the call you received from the police, please call our Champaign-Urbana offices at (217) 328-6000 today.