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Drug crimes are acts that the United States government takes very seriously. Drug arrests have been on the rise for the past couple of decades, with 1.9 million arrests occurring in 2006 alone. Of all the criminal offenses committed during that year, drug-related crimes had the highest number of violations. Based on the jurisdiction and the specific drug-related offense in question, one may face massive fines and years of jail time. If you have been charged with a drug crime, you need to contact the attorneys of Bruno Law Offices immediately to that we can help.

Being arrested for a drug crime can carry with it substantial short-term and long-term consequences. Whether you are arrested for possession, manufacture, distribution, or another drug-related crime, the punishments can be serious. If you are found guilty of a drug crime, you can spend years in jail, and you may have to pay thousands of dollars in fines. Whether you are a first time offender or a repeat offender, the realities of punishment can be harsh and unforgiving. Moreover, as the public outcry over the damage that drugs can inflict on communities increases, there is a demand that prosecutors duly punish those found guilty of drug crimes. If you have been charged with a drug crime, you are experiencing a lot of stress. You may be remorseful and willing to cooperate with authorities or willing to enter a plea agreement, but knowing how to negotiate with prosecutors can be difficult and intimidating, especially when they seem to hold all the leverage. Get the help you need from Bruno Law Offices.

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Bruno Law Offices has been helping people in downstate Illinois since 1980. As a family law firm, the team at Bruno Law Offices understands what it means to be part of a community, and we are committed to helping our fellow community members. At Bruno Law Offices, we handle many kinds of criminal drug cases: from misdemeanor charges to felony charges and from first-time offenders to repeat offenders. Having tried cases in both state and federal courts, we are well versed in how the laws and penalties differ depending on where the case is tried. We are knowledgeable about the different procedures used in each venue. We have helped people win their case at trial; we have bargained for clients to get less harsh penalties; and, in some instances, we have gotten client’s cases dismissed. Do not try to plead your own case, make a bargain with prosecutors and police, or go to trial until you know your rights. Call Bruno Law Offices today at (217) 328-6000 so that we can be your guiding light.

Depending on the circumstances, defending a drug crime in court can be particularly difficult. Without the support of a capable criminal defense attorney, you may have no chance of successfully fighting your charges. Contact the Champaign drug crime lawyers of Bruno Law Offices today at (217) 328-6000 to get the help you need.

Drug-Related Crime Defense

The war on drugs is alive and well in the United States. The FBI estimates that there were 1,572,579 drug-related arrests in the United States in 2016. This trend of drug-related arrests has been consistently high over the last decade. There are a variety of offenses that can fall into the category of drug crimes. The law around drug-related offenses can be complicated because there are both state laws and federal laws for regulating drug crimes. When these laws conflict, the federal law prevails.

Under federal law, drugs are considered controlled substances and are divided into a schedule that consists of five distinct categories. What category, or schedule, a drug falls into is determined by the acceptable medical use of the drug, and the abuse or dependency potential of the drug. Under federal law, a crime that involves a Schedule I drug carries a greater potential for punishment than a crime that involves a Schedule V drug. This is because a Schedule I drug has been determined to be of no medical use, while drugs falling elsewhere in the scheduling scheme have been deemed to have some sort of medical use. Likewise, under Illinois law, drugs have been divided into a five-category scheduling system, with Schedule I drugs generally eliciting harsher penalties than Schedule V:

  • Schedule I drugs are those deemed to have no medical benefit or seen as unsafe for medical purposes. They are thought to be highly addictive, making them prone to be abused.
  • Schedule II drugs are thought to have some limited medical use, but they can lead to physical and psychological dependency, and they have a high potential for abuse.
  • Schedule III drugs have been found to have an accepted medical use, and while the risk for developing physical and psychological dependency exists, the potential for abuse is lower than that of a schedule I or II drugs.
  • Schedule IV drugs have an acceptable medical use and carry less risk for physical and psychological dependency than schedule III drugs.
  • Schedule V drugs have a current acceptable medical use and have limited potential for physical and psychological dependency with a low potential for abuse.

In Illinois, some drugs that are commonly involved in drug crimes include the following:

Common drug crimes can include offenses such as:

  • Drug use
  • Drug possession
  • Paraphernalia possession
  • Possession with intent to deliver
  • Trafficking and distributing
  • Manufacturing

While all these crimes are serious, some may carry the potential for greater penalties. The punishment for each of these offenses can be greater or lesser depending on the drug, what schedule the drug falls in to, and whether the offender was a repeat offender or a first-time offender. Furthermore, some drug crimes may be felonies, while others may be misdemeanors. This is consequential because a conviction of a felony drug crime carries with it greater potential punishments than a misdemeanor conviction.

Under any circumstances, however, possessing, trafficking, manufacturing and selling illicit drugs are all considered to be highly punishable offenses in the United States, and in Illinois. Our Champaign-Urbana criminal defense attorneys can provide you with a strong defense for any drug crime charges. We have experience in all matters relating to the defense of drug crime charges, and we have successfully defended individuals in particularly difficult cases, such as, those involving the offenses of:

These are serious offenses where the involvement of an attorney can impact the outcome of the charges against you. Other factors may affect your outcome and alter the course of your drug crime defense as well; one such factor is addiction. Unfortunately, if you are addicted to one of these substances, it can be extremely difficult to quit using the drug. If you have been arrested for drug possession, drug trafficking, or any other drug-related offense, then you will need legal help from a strong and capable attorney. Call the Champaign-Urbana drug crime attorneys of Bruno Law Offices at (217) 328-6000 to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney.

Marijuana Crimes

Marijuana is by far one of the most widely used illegal drugs in the United States. A few states, including Illinois, have even legalized the substance for medicinal purposes. While marijuana may be legal in Illinois for medical purposes, it has not been legalized for recreational purposes. This means that unless you have a valid medical marijuana card, possession of marijuana is still illegal. Furthermore, even those possessing a valid medical marijuana card have to obey the laws, and breaking them can result in marijuana-related drug crime charges.

Under federal law, marijuana is still illegal. So an individual who may be obeying the laws of the state of Illinois can still be prosecuted for marijuana offenses under federal law. While possession of marijuana is generally considered to be a lesser offense than the sale, trafficking, and cultivation of cannabis, even in Illinois, all four crimes may be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the amount of substance involved.

On both the state and federal level, the laws around marijuana are still being shaped by legislative efforts and through court cases. This makes the laws and crimes involving marijuana more complex and difficult to navigate. If you have been charged with a marijuana-related drug crime, get the help of the knowledgeable and aggressive attorneys at Bruno Law Offices.

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If you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime, then an experienced criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights in a court of law. Having a proven track record of helping clients in both federal court and state court, the dedicated attorneys of Bruno Law Offices know how to navigate the legal process and can help you get a better outcome. Do not try to bargain with prosecuting attorneys or police without knowing your rights. Don’t let being charged with a drug crime ruin the rest of your life. Contact the Champaign-Urbana drug crime attorneys of Bruno Law Offices today at (217) 328-6000 to explore your legal options with one of our qualified attorneys.

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