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Home invasion charges will be pursued as Class X felony offenses by prosecutors in Champaign-Urbana who are likely to seek the maximum penalties available to them by law. Bearing that in mind, you will need to begin taking all necessary precautions to defend yourself and your future while you still have the opportunity to do just that.

At Bruno Law Offices, our Champaign-Urbana home invasion defense attorneys understand that almost every aspect of your life will be dependent on the outcome of this case; you deserve a lawyer capable of putting together a comprehensive defense of your rights and your future.

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    Do I Need an Attorney?

    If you have been charged with home invasion, you face serious and lasting consequences that can impact your life for years to come. The worst-case scenario is serving the maximum amount of prison time, but even lesser outcomes can be harmful to your freedom, finances, and reputation. Paying a stiff penalty will place a significant financial hardship on you, and being designated a felon on your record will greatly reduce your financial prospects.

    The sooner you hire a home invasion defense attorney, the better your chances become of fighting the charges against you. Enlisting the help of an attorney before being interrogated by the police is especially critical because anything you say in those interviews will be used against you by the State as they prosecute you. The sooner you build your defense, the easier it will be to assess the evidence against you and strategize how to present the strongest case possible in your favor.

    Why Should I Choose Bruno Law Offices to Represent Me?

    The home invasion defense attorneys at Bruno Law Offices have almost 40 years of experience in standing up for defendants of criminal charges. Thomas Bruno founded Bruno Law Offices in 1980, and with his sons, he has created a firm dedicated to justice and ensuring the rights of the accused are protected throughout the legal process. Juries and clients alike have come to appreciate the compassionate and professional standard of conduct that the defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices are known for.

    The legal team at Bruno Law Offices always puts the needs of our clients first. We offer free initial consultations and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Time is of the essence in many criminal cases, so we know how crucial it is to be available to our clients whenever they need us. We also know how difficult it can be to get someone to listen to your side of the story. Call us at (217) 328-6000 and let us help you today.

    Possible Consequences of a Home Invasion Conviction

    In order to convict you of this Class X felony, prosecutors in Champaign-Urbana will need to prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that you had both a specific intent and knowledge of the offense you have been charged with. Should prosecutors achieve a conviction on this offense, you may be made subject to the following penalties:

    • Mandatory minimum prison sentence of 6-30 years
    • Mandatory supervised release following prison term
    • Up to $25,000 in fines
    • Designation as a felon

    Though your charges are serious, you are guaranteed the right to work with a team of defense attorneys to develop a legal strategy intended to help you defend your rights and protect your future.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you or a loved one has been arrested for home invasion, you likely have many urgent questions and concerns. As outlined above, the possible outcomes you are facing can severely impact your future, so it is critical that you have an attorney on your side. Particularly in Illinois, the charge of home invasion carries serious consequences because it is treated as a class X felony. The sooner you seek legal help, the better your chances will be of a successful outcome to your case. Now is the time to do all you can to fully understand your situation, your options, and your likelihood of success. To assist you in getting started, the home invasion defense attorneys at Bruno Law Offices have answered the following questions that many clients in similar situations have asked.

    How does the State of Illinois define home invasion?

    Unlike the majority of states, Illinois separates the crime of home invasion from residential burglary and categorizes it as one of the most serious felony offenses. The conditions that constitute a home invasion, according to Illinois law, include entering another person’s residence while its occupants are home or waiting in the residence until the occupants come home, and inflicting harm on the persons in the residence or using force while being armed with a deadly weapon.

    Can I be charged with home invasion in my own home?

    Most people don’t realize that you can be charged with home invasion even in your own home. Generally speaking, this applies to divorced couples or those who are not living together at the time. Many cases of home invasion involve a former spouse entering the marital home when there is a protective order against them or when they still have ownership rights to the home but are no longer living with that spouse.

    What are common defense strategies for home invasion cases?

    Home invasion defense attorneys have a number of ways to defend their clients. Given the serious nature of the charge, a competent defense lawyer will take advantage of as many strategies as they can to weaken the State’s case against their defendant.

    • Lack of intent: A common strategy among defense attorneys in home invasion cases is to prove a lack of intent. To successfully prosecute home invasion under Illinois law, the State must prove intent or show that the defendant knew people were home and intended to inflict harm on them.
    • Lack of force or bodily harm: Another strategy to fight home invasion charges is to focus on the lack of force or bodily harm to the people in the home. If the defendant fled as soon as they realized someone was home, they could be charged with the lesser crime of burglary instead of the class X felony charge of home invasion. To prove home invasion, the State must show that there was force or harm inflicted on the people in the residence.
    • Problematic evidence: Though not specific to home invasion cases, the issue of evidence often provides opportunities to weaken the State’s case. Evidence may have been obtained in an illegal search and seizure or tainted by an improper chain of custody.
    • Unreliable witnesses: Another strategy that may work for your case is looking closely at the witnesses called upon by the State. Undermining witness credibility or casting doubt on statements made by witnesses may help in weakening the State’s case against you. Recent studies have found eyewitness accounts of crime to be less reliable than previously believed, so focusing on this element of the State’s case may prove fruitful when developing a strategy for your defense.
    • Lack of motive: Defense attorneys can also question the State’s evidence about the motive in the crime. Creating reasonable doubt about the motive for the home invasion may help in making it harder for the State to prove intent. Without motive, the State will have a more difficult time proving that the crime was home invasion instead of burglary.

    Consult with a Home Invasion Defense Attorney in Champaign-Urbana

    If you have been accused of committing a home invasion, you should speak with a Champaign-Urbana personal injury attorney at Bruno Law Offices as early on in the legal process as you can. To speak with a defense attorney in Champaign-Urbana about the particulars of your charges, please call our Urbana offices at (217) 328-6000 today.