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Champaign Traffic Violation Defense Lawyers

Most people think of tickets as minor nuisances and not much more than that. However, in many traffic cases, a conviction can lead to very high fines. If you forget to pay a single fine or you file a single document just past when it’s due, you will discover that you’re suddenly facing skyrocketing traffic violation fees that can’t be easily or quickly paid off.

In addition, the accumulation of numerous traffic violations can also raise your insurance rates and cause a number of other, more serious problems, including spending time in jail or losing your driver’s license. Without an attorney fighting for your rights, you may be facing unfair fines and punishments.

A Bruno Law Offices attorney can help you with your traffic violations. We have the legal knowledge you need to successfully fight your case, and we’ll stand up for your rights in court. If you have been accused of a traffic violation, the Champaign traffic violation defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices can help. Contact us today at (217) 328-6000 to speak with an attorney about your case.

Why Do I Need an Attorney in a Traffic Violations Case?

Speeding tickets, reckless driving violations, and other minor traffic citations may seem like cases that you can handle on your own. In fact, many people do try to manage tickets and fines without the help of an attorney.

Yet when doing so, you run the risk of making a simple traffic violation much worse and much more complex.

Taking care of a traffic violation can be a more complicated process than many people realize. Missing legal deadlines, misfiling legal paperwork, or failing to show up to court on the right dates can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

That’s why hiring an attorney for your case will help you with the legal process and ensure that you don’t have to pay any more for your traffic violations case than is required. Contrary to popular belief, hiring an attorney can actually save you money in the long run because a lawyer will minimize the time you spend on the case and help ensure that you don’t have to pay extra fines and fees.

Why Choose Bruno Law Offices?

Not just any lawyer can do this job, however. An experienced attorney with an intimate understanding of the Champaign court is the only choice to make your traffic violation case as quick, easy, and painless as possible.

For almost forty years, Thomas Bruno has handled traffic violations cases, as well as a wide variety of serious criminal cases. Bruno Law Offices has established an excellent reputation as the go-to law firm for anyone in the Champaign area who is seeking legal help, which is now provided by Tom and his two sons Anthony and Evan.

Bruno Law Offices will tirelessly defend your rights in court without charging you with costly fees. For decades, our office has offered clients throughout Champaign the legal insight and guidance they need to make educated decisions about their life and case. Few firms in the state can provide the reputation, experience, knowledge, and skills that Bruno Law Offices attorneys can.

In a traffic violation case, you need someone who understands how difficult it can be to pay the fees associated with traffic violations, and how much stress even a small traffic violation can cause. Our team of empathetic and dedicated attorneys will be there for you every step of the way throughout your case.

Call us today for a free consultation at (217) 328-6000.

Cases We Handle

No matter what traffic violation you have been accused of, the consequences of a conviction can still be very harsh. You may face fines, driver’s license suspension, jail time, and an increase in insurance rates. By presenting a strong legal defense, however, you may be able to significantly reduce or even eliminate these penalties.

The Champaign traffic violation defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices can help you with a variety of cases, including:

We also deal with more complex cases where multiple traffic violations are involved. For example, in Champaign, an unpaid parking ticket can result in the suspension of your driver’s license. If you drive with a suspended driver’s license and are caught, then you will face more expensive fines and more serious charges.

Hiring an attorney quickly after your traffic violation will eliminate the likelihood that will you face additional traffic violation charges and fines.

What Should I Do After I Receive a Traffic Violation?

After getting a traffic violation, you may not know how to move forward, especially if you don’t believe that you deserved it and you don’t have the money to pay it or the time to spend in court trying to fight it. A Bruno Law Offices attorney can guide you to the best decision that will minimize your fees and time spent on your ticket.

If you’ve received one or more traffic violations, you can either plead not guilty or guilty/no contest. If you plead not guilty, you will need an attorney to help you during the hearing when you are contesting your traffic violation.

If you win, and the judge finds you not guilty, you will be cleared of the charge(s). If you are found guilty when pleading not guilty or guilty/no contest, you may face fines, community service, interlock devices on your ignition, a suspended license, or jail time.

If you plead guilty/no contest, you will face fines at the county court and likely will have to attend an online driving school to obtain a certificate that will then have to be submitted to the DMV or court.

Even when pleading guilty an attorney can help you reduce the penalties you face. Bruno Law Offices is experienced in dealing with traffic violations cases, from the most minor speeding tickets to the most severe infractions of transportation law.

We can take the burden from your shoulders and ensure that all deadlines are met, all documents are organized, and the best case that can possibly be made is argued in your favor.

Our services are free of charge until we win your case. Our attorneys have the qualifications and experience to help you fight traffic violation charges. Call us at (217) 328-6000 today to discuss your traffic violation case.

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Fighting a traffic violation doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. With the help of a capable criminal defense lawyer, you can avoid the unnecessary complications associated with receiving a traffic violation. Contact the Champaign traffic violation defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices today at (217) 328-6000 to explore your legal options.

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