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Resisting a Peace Officer Charges in Champaign

These days, even small interactions with police officers can turn frightening very quickly, and Champaign residents who feel threatened by aggressive officers of the law may be compelled to resist or run away. Unfortunately, any action that can be viewed as a person trying to get away from or avoid a peace officer who is acting in an official capacity may be labeled as resisting arrest or obstructing justice by a prosecutor. If the accused’s actions result in the injury or death of an officer, he or she may face inflated penalties.

At Bruno Law Offices, we understand how easily police encounters can escalate in Champaign and elsewhere. We want you to know that you don’t have to face resisting a peace officer charges in Champaign alone. Our criminal defense lawyers may be able to use our experience and knowledge to work for a favorable result from your case.

Penalties for Resisting a Peace Officer

As the specific circumstances of each situation will vary greatly from case to case, so too will defense strategy change to fit your particular needs. This does not prevent the Illinois penal code from outlining potential punishments for individuals who have been convicted of these charges. They are:

  • A minimum of 48 consecutive hours of imprisonment
  • A minimum of 100 community service hours

If any extenuating circumstances resulted in injury or additional charges, the conviction penalties would additionally reflect this. Anyone facing charges of resisting a peace officer in Champaign should contact an attorney who can quickly work to reduce or eliminate the accusations brought against you.

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