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Wilbur Heights Criminal Defense AttorneysIf you were arrested or charged with a crime in Wilbur Heights, Illinois, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and defend your freedom. The criminal defense lawyers at Bruno Law Offices are ready to help you.

We understand that getting arrested can take a toll on your life and your reputation. Our experienced criminal defense team can serve as your confidant, guide, and protector inside the complex criminal justice system. We are strong advocates and work tenaciously to fight for your freedom.

Our criminal defense attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators who are ready to aggressively argue your case in court. Under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. This means the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor.

Unfortunately, that’s often not how it feels after you’ve been arrested. Call our office today at (217) 328-6000 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. Find out how skilled Wilbur Heights criminal defense lawyers fight to protect your rights.

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    Do I Need a Criminal Attorney?

    Our legal team understands the uncertainty that naturally follows an arrest. You may feel overwhelmed and confused. Some people believe they may be able to represent themselves in a criminal case, especially if it is a misdemeanor charge.

    However, it is important to have an experienced criminal attorney at your side. They understand the gap between what you learn in books and real-life applications. After years of experience, our team of litigators has learned the critical nuances of criminal defense.

    When you hire the experienced and skilled attorneys from Bruno Law Offices you can rely on your team to effectively negotiate with the prosecutor and fight for your rights in court if needed. Seasoned criminal attorneys have a network of resources they can access if necessary to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

    You may have feelings of embarrassment, fear, and lowered self-esteem after this type of brush with the justice system. You can inadvertently say something that compounds your situation. The police may take advantage of your inexperience and use intimidation to get you to talk. When you hire an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer, we can protect your rights and ensure that you don’t make an inadvertent mistake that endangers your freedom.

    Our Practice Areas

    We have successfully represented clients charged with a variety of criminal offenses, including misdemeanor and felony charges. Yet, we also understand that every case is unique, so our past success does not guarantee you will have the same experience. You can check out our results and testimonials from past clients who have been represented in these areas:

    What Should I Do If I’m Arrested?

    What Should I Do If I’m Arrested?Under the U. S. Constitution, you have certain rights, even if you have committed a crime. If you are arrested, it’s important to exercise those rights. This helps ensure that the system works fairly. Your rights include:

    The right to remain silent: After getting arrested, you are not required to speak to anyone in law enforcement. The officer should have read you your rights, which include the right to remain silent. It’s in your best interest to wait to speak with your attorney since you may inadvertently make a statement that can be used against you later.

    You have the right to an attorney: Once you inform law enforcement that you are exercising your right to remain silent, you can ask to speak with an attorney and ask to have them present during questioning. You have the right not to answer questions until your lawyer is present.

    You have the right to probable cause for search and seizure: This means the police may do a limited search for anything in plain sight but are not allowed to do a general search unless there is probable cause that evidence of a crime exists. Otherwise, they are required to have a search warrant.

    You have the right to a speedy trial: You have the right to avoid waiting in jail for long periods for your first court date. Your lawyer may recommend you waive this right if they need more time to develop a solid defense.

    It is important to exercise these rights to preserve and protect your freedom. After being arrested, be respectful of law enforcement. If they believe you committed a crime, it’s their job to arrest you. If you are quiet, respectful, and do not try to run from the scene, your actions improve the impression that law enforcement and the court have of you.

    It is important to stay calm. Some people panic when they’re placed in handcuffs but getting aggressive or trying to resist can lead to more charges.

    Finally, it is crucial that you hire an experienced Wilbur Heights criminal defense lawyer who can represent you.

    Choose Experienced Wilbur Heights Illinois Criminal Defense Attorneys

    The criminal defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices have had years of experience defending against a variety of different crimes. This helps us develop the best defense for your case.

    Being wrongfully accused can result in lifelong consequences that were not of your making. While it’s the prosecutor’s responsibility to prove you’ve committed a crime, it’s the responsibility of your legal team to raise doubt in the jurors.

    Our team does this by thoroughly evaluating and, where possible, contradicting physical evidence and witness testimony, and presenting information that exonerates you. If you or a loved one were arrested, contact us immediately for a free, confidential consultation.

    We will meet with you, discuss your case, and explain your options. You are not alone in this fight when you have a Wilbur Heights criminal defense lawyer at your side. When you hire us, your freedom is our top priority. Call our office today at (217) 328-6000 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.