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Individuals who engaged in the planning or assisted in the execution of a crime may be held responsible even if they were not the primarily guilty party. According to the Illinois penal code, a person who has come to terms or agreed with another on the commission of an offense, with intent to commit the offense, may be charged with conspiracy. While conspiracy charges are incredibly dense and often difficult to deal with, a Champaign conspiracy attorney will evaluate the case against you and work towards a reduction or altogether elimination of your charges.

At Bruno Law Offices, we know how frightening and stressful it is to be charged with a criminal offense in Champaign, and we believe you shouldn’t have to face this situation alone. Fortunately, our Champaign legal team has the experience and resources to help you build a comprehensive defense that challenges each aspect of the case against you.

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    Why do I need a lawyer?

    Facing the prospect of being charged with and convicted of any crime can be incredibly stressful for the accused and their families. You’ll want to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you understand the charges you face and help build a strong defense on your behalf. Criminal charges are a serious matter and facing them alone is never your best option. Working with a defense attorney who understands Illinois law and has helped others in a similar situation will give you peace of mind knowing your case is being properly handled. Your attorney will work to get the charges against you reduced or dropped and will try to secure an outcome that has a minimal impact on your life and your future.

    Why should I choose Bruno Law Offices?

    At Bruno Law Offices our attorneys are here to provide the highest-quality representation for our clients, no matter what charges they face. Since 1980, Bruno Law Offices has sought to defend citizens in the heart of Illinois. We understand that good people can find themselves in trouble with the law, and everyone deserves to have qualified legal counsel to defend them from the charges they face.

    We focus on criminal defense and have spent nearly 40 years earning the trust of juries and clients across the state. We are a family firm and approach each case with you and your family in mind.

    Can I be charged for criminal conspiracy?

    In Illinois, criminal conspiracy charges can be complicated to understand. You can be charged for both the crime, and for conspiring to commit the crime. Due to the potential severity of the penalties, if you are facing criminal conspiracy charges, it is best to seek legal counsel immediately. In order for a conspiracy to commit a crime to take place, 3 things must be true.

    • Two or more people have agreed to commit a crime
    • All involved are aware of the plan and intend to carry it out
    • At least one person carried out an ‘overt act’ towards committing the crime

    An overt act can be very simple or very complex. Something as minor as buying a tool that will aid in a planned burglary that you are aware of can be considered an overt act. Additionally, if your co-conspirators are not convicted for any reason, this does not mean you are off the hook. You can still be charged as a co-conspirator despite a lack of conviction in the cases of your co-conspirators. These charges can be very serious and can escalate quickly.

    What if the crime never took place?

    For a conspiracy to be considered illegal, the actual crime does not need to take place. What this means is you can still be charged with criminal conspiracy if you and your co-conspirators did not follow through with the crime. This can be complicated and frustrating to understand. Success in a crime does not make conspiracy criminal. The intent to commit the crime with an agreement between conspirators is what is illegal and what must be proved by the prosecution.

    The burden of proof and the strategy of prosecution is unique to this type of case. The type of defense created on your behalf must be equally unique and strategic. Working with someone who understands just how complex criminal conspiracy law is your best bet towards a favorable outcome. You will also want to have a legal advocate that is established, tested, and trusted.

    At Bruno Law Offices we are dedicated to providing you with individualized legal counsel. You may feel like you are drowning in the wake of your criminal charges. Bruno Law Offices has the team to help you recover and seek the best outcome for your case.

    Do I have any hope of defense?

    Yes, you do have hope of being defended in the courtroom. Being charged with criminal conspiracy does not mean an automatic conviction. While the law surrounding criminal conspiracy may be complex, a seasoned firm can sort it all out and build a strong defense on your behalf. For criminal conspiracy, you can be charged under state or federal law. Defense of these charges can be based on a variety of factors including:

    • Abandonment
    • Withdrawal
    • Entrapment

    Defense based upon abandonment or withdrawal is different for a conspiracy than any other crime. Due to that complexity, in order to prove that you withdrew from a plan to commit a crime 3 elements must be in place. These include:

    • A definite action to abandon the conspiracy
    • Communicating that you have abandoned the plan with all co-conspirators in a timely manner
    • Abandonment before completion of the plan

    Building a defense against charges of criminal conspiracy requires the gathering of evidence and a deep understanding of the law. At Bruno Law Offices we have focused intensely on criminal defense in the state of Illinois for almost 40 years. We understand the task of defending criminal conspiracy charges and we have the grit and resources to empower you with a comprehensive defense. While your charges may be serious, hope is not lost. We understand that bad things can happen to good people. We are here to help you in your hour of need.

    Potential Penalties for Conspiracy in Champaign

    Charges of conspiracy can apply to a number of crimes that vary in severity. Depending on the specific accusations against you, if convicted of conspiracy, you may face a number of possible consequences, such as:

    • A felony sentence
    • Fines
    • Imprisonment
    • Probation

    In order to get the best possible results from your case, it is critical to enlist the help of a skilled Champaign criminal defense attorney as early on in the legal process as possible.

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