Anthony Bruno
Posted on AVVO by a client on Sep 1
I was in need of a criminal defense attorney in the Champaign-Urbana area who I felt was knowledgeable,able to explain to me so I understood the court process and terminogoly of Illinois law clearly. He was always willing to meet with me in person or over the phone for any questions I had during the court process. He sought to get me the best deal possible,which was a dismissal. I would highly recommend him.

Thanks again Tony……

Exactly What I Needed
Posted on AVVO by Jeff on Aug 26
I hired Tony as my attorney for a DUI and he was an excellent choice. Tony explained everything to me in a manner that allowed my to fully understand the process and what to expect at each step. Tony also understood my personality and my need to ask many questions, so he was sure to be very detailed in providing me information and patiently answered any questions that I had. Even when I had uneducated suggestions on how we should proceed with the case, he entertained my thoughts and talked through it with me. He even went on to say that we can proceed in that manner if this was the direction that I would like to take, gave me all of the information, and allowed me to make the decision (guiding me along the way.). Tony was never too busy for a phone call or email and would always get back to me Ina very timely manner. I really appreciated Tony’s approach to handling my case. He was exactly what I needed during a very stressful time in my life.
Excellent Attorney
Posted on AVVO by a client on Aug 11
I came to Anthony with a pretty distressful case. I was losing my mind and peace, and stood to lose almost my entire life’s worth of work and progress. He took over my burden, shared information and helped me calm down. I found him to be a reassuring voice and would consider him a friend. He was extremely professional and guided me through the entire process, including who to talk to and who not to talk to. I realised that following his advice made my case and my life a lot easier. In the end, he resolved my case with the minimum fallout and zero issues! I couldn’t have asked for more! I’ll definitely recommend Anthony to anyone in need of an attorney in his specialised area. Trust me, you’ll have peace. Aren’t we all looking for that?
Happy client
Posted on AVVO by cathy on Jun 25
I am very pleased with Mr Bruno. Not only is he a nice man, he is a very good lawyer. He is truly concerned about his clients. He is in constant communication about everything that he says or does. If you need a lawyer, Mr Bruno is your man. I highly recommend him.
Posted on AVVO by Allison on Jul 30
I had a difficult DWI case two hours away from where I live and Tom Bruno was excellent. He kept in constant contact with me and explained things to me if I did not understand. I was able to end up with what Mr. Bruno said would be the best-case scenario. I would definitely recommend Mr. Bruno!
Great work
Posted on AVVO by David on Jun 23
Anthony did a great job in representing me in a DUI case. I received court supervision which I understand to be the best outcome for a case where I blew over the limit. He was always responsive to my inquiries and h twas patient with my calls. He made certain that I took care of my responsibilities to get the best outcome from the judge.
Excellent DUI lawyer
Posted on AVVO by a client on Jun 22
Tom Bruno was extremely helpful, informative, and responsive when helping me with my DUI case. I ended up pleading guilty and receiving supervision. Due to confusion on my part, I did not complete a Victim Impact Panel by the date of my review hearing. Mr. Bruno notified me right away and I completed it the following week and sent in my proof of completion. He discussed that I had misinterpreted my terms of supervision in a statement to the state’s attorney and was able to negate the revocation of my supervision. I would definitely recommend Mr. Bruno.
Mr. Bruno was able to get my charges dismissed.
Posted on AVVO by Dominic on May 19
I was arrested last year for the first and hopefully last time of my life last summer. I was somewhat intimidated by my initial court proceedings, and was honestly concerned that I might be convicted of a crime I did not commit. After hiring Mr. Bruno, I became much more confident I could fight the charge in court and win. He correctly advised me not to take what was a laughable plea bargain and instead chose to take my case to trial. He kept me updated with all of the info he received from the court and his knowledge and easy-to-understand explanations of the legal system were a great comfort in a time of stress. Eventually, the state dropped all charges and I was free from my legal nightmare. I would absolutely hire Mr. Bruno again if I ever again need a criminal defense lawyer, and I would and have recommended him to friends and family should they need an attorney.
Criminal Defense for First Time Offender
Posted on AVVO by Sid on May 14
I hired Tom when I was arrested by the police for a felony. It was my first time offense and was a relatively serious offense. The cops had all the evidence they needed to stick me in jail for 2-7 years. Yet Tom worked with the prosecutor to take me as a person into account and got me probation with the ability for expungement. Overall, Tom was always responsive to any questions I had, and kept me in the loop. I would highly recommend him to any body in the Champaign Area that needs an attorney for a Criminal Defense
A day in court with Anthony Bruno
Posted on AVVO by a client on May 1
My experience with Anthony overall was pleasant. He was very professional and helpful in making sure I was well informed and getting my issue in court resolved as quickly as possible. He had great communication with me during the process and was quick to respond to any of my questions. Thank you Anthony for all of your help and kindness during a very stressful time.
Dropped DUI
Posted on AVVO by Adrian on Apr 27
Tony Bruno is a great lawyer. He is knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the whole process. He helped me understand everything. I would definitely recommend him.
Posted on AVVO by Louis on Apr 22
Anthony was a very knowledgeable lawyer and it was obvious that he cared about my best interests. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal help.
Posted on AVVO by Giovanni on Apr 20
Tony and his father run a very professional business. There’s not a time where I couldn’t talk to either one of them about any problem I ran into. I would recommend!
Great Defense Attorney- Highly Recommend
Posted on AVVO by Amanda on Apr 20
I enlisted Anthony’s services after a personal mishap ended in a felony charge against me. I had never been charged with a crime, and was very anxious about the entire experience. Anthony was very conscientious of that, and helped calm my fears. He was very honest about what the outcome could be, and provided me with knowledgeable advice on the best course of action for my case. Ultimately, Anthony got the charges against me completely dropped with a small amount of restitution and community service on my part. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. Anthony was professional in and out of court, helped ease my fears, and honest and informative throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone in need of a great attorney.
Excellent Attorney
Posted on AVVO by Tim on Apr 12
Tom was very responsive to my needs and walked me through the legal process. I would highly recommend Tom to anybody in need of legal counsel.
Mr. Bruno’s excellent work
Posted on AVVO by Nikki on Apr 12
Mr. Bruno was with me from the start on my DUI case. At first, he was very sensitive to the fact that I had absolutely no legal background, and he took the time to explain everything to me in terms that I could understand. He also sent me reminders about when to show up to court, where to go, and what to bring/not bring with me. He was always on time, and he always made me feel more comfortable in court. Beyond all this, Mr. Bruno went above and beyond what I initially asked for. My case was a complicated and difficult one, but he never gave up on me. He coached me through exactly what to do to give myself a chance at a better sentence, and it all paid off in the end. I ended up getting a much better sentence than initially anticipated, and it was absolutely because of the recommendations Mr. Bruno gave me. Without him, my sentence would’ve been much worse, and I am forever grateful for the work he put in to my case. Not only was he very knowledgeable about the laws in Champaign, but he was friendly and caring as well (he literally answered hundreds of emails without getting frustrated, even when he was on vacation!). I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a DUI defense attorney in Champaign without reservation.
No felony on my record thanks to Mr. Bruno
Posted on AVVO by ASL on Apr 3
I hired Mr. Bruno last May because of a huge mistake I made as a college student with drugs at a party. The cops charged me with a felony and Mr. Bruno kept me from getting a conviction and becoming a convicted felon. I would highly recommend him if you made a mistake and dont want it to follow you for the rest of your life.
If you want to win call Tom
Posted on AVVO by a client on Mar 1
Tom won a case were I was going to go to prison for growing pot in my shed the cops came in with out a search warrant and, after coming in then they got one. After they arrested me they did find 144 plants. making a long story short Tom won my case. The case for me in Danville IL. The state took it to applet court and Tom did a excellent job, winning my case. If you are in trouble Tom Is the best you will ever find
Excellent work
Posted on AVVO by a client on Jul 17, 2013
I hired Tom to help us with a traffic violation for my son. In our first conversation he set our expectations with the potential challenges and hopeful results. In the end, he not only met our expectations, he exceeded them in every way.

He negotiated the most favorable possible result possible with the court despite an uphill battle.

While our case was relatively small, Tom kept us informed via email throughout the process. I was most surprised by getting several emails at 9pm, 5:30 am and the like. I never waited more than a few hours to get a reply.

I would highly recommend Tom Bruno.

Under Age Drinking
Posted on AVVO by Matthew on Mar 11, 2013
My name was in a police report and the district attorney’s office decided to press charges (Under age drinking) against me even though i was not present when the police arrested people at the party. Mr. Bruno did a great job getting my cased dropped because the police report was taking another 18 year old students word (who was drinking) that I was at the party. Mr. Bruno kept me informed throughout the process and I would like to thank him for his service.

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