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Practice Area: Felony Drug Charges Outcome: Prison sentence of only four years, and client will likely not serve any time due to an agreement with the Attorney General’s office.
Description: Man accused of participating in a drug ring in central Illinois. (FULL STORY) LeRoy man unlikely to serve in prison after role in drug ring.

Practice Area: Class 1 Felony Charge Outcome: The case was resolved with probation for twenty-four months for a class A misdemeanor of Obscenity and no jail time and no fine.
Description: 19-year old University Of Illinois college student charged with the Class 1 felony of Child Pornography, punishable by up to 15 years in the Department of Corrections.

Practice Area: Criminal Sexual Assault  Outcome: After five months of representation and the case being scheduled for a jury trial, the case was completely dismissed.
Description: 31-year-old male charged with Criminal Sexual Assault by the use of Force.

Practice Area: Slip and Fall Outcome: The case was successfully settled before trial.
Description: Woman tripped on a wrinkled floor mat in a local bank.  Her knee was injured and suit was filed against the bank and the company that furnished the floor mat.

Practice Area: Molestation Outcome: Settlements in their cases were reached after filing suit against the teacher, administrators and the school district. The court, in approving the settlements, commented that the settlement was the highest at that time of all the related claims from the case.
Description: Represented the families of four girls who were sexually molested by a public school teacher.

Practice Area: Domestic Battery Outcome: Negotiated a disposition for a lesser offense and preserved the defendant’s right to possess a gun so that he could return to his career.
Description: Police officer charged with domestic battery.  A conviction would have meant the defendant could never possess a gun and therefore would have been the end of his career.

Practice Area: Car Accident Outcome: The case was resolved against the defendant for his insurance policy limits.
Description: A 55-year-old woman’s car was struck in a West Champaign intersection and her injuries affected her vision in one eye.

Practice Area: DUI Charges Outcome: Through discussions and negotiations the case against the defendant was completely dismissed.
Description: A 49-year-old man in 2009, who was a graduate of Champaign County’s Drug Court, was caught driving with a revoked driver’s license following his 3rd DUI conviction.

Practice Area: Felony Manufacturing and Distribution Outcome: After an aggressive defense and the case being set for trial, the prosecutor dismissed all the charges against the defendant.
Description: A 37-year-old Michigan man was charged with a felony after he went to the campus of the University of Illinois to sell designer fashions and purses.  He was charged with the felony offense of Manufacturing or Distributing Counterfeit Merchandise.

Practice Area: Federal Crime Outcome: After a strong defense, the client’s sentence was a fifty percent departure from the government’s recommendation.
Description: Client was accused of drug trafficking between Chicago and the southern US border in a multi-jurisdictional federal drug conspiracy involving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Practice Area: DUI Outcome: After bringing in a private investigator to interview the witnesses on the surveillance video and challenging the credibility of the State’s police witnesses, the case was dismissed by the State.
Description: Client was charged with felony DUI.

Practice Area: Speeding and Traffic Ticket Outcome: The client was acquitted by jury after the case had gone to trail.
Description: Client was charged with failing to yield the right-of-way following a two-vehicle accident with injuries.

Practice Area: Sex Crime Outcome: Significant evidence was compiled in mitigation and the client was placed into treatment. The first case was dismissed by the State and the client was ordered to serve less than five months in the county jail in the second case.
Description: Client was charged with two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and was released on bond. A week later, the client was charged with two new counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a second person.

Practice Area: Car Accidents Outcome: By putting together a strong defense, the client was given three months of court supervision for operating an uninsured motor vehicle and a non-moving violation for operating unsafe equipment.
Description: Client was charged with operating an uninsured motor vehicle, speeding, operating unsafe equipment, and failure to reduce speed after crashing his truck into another car and totaling it.

Practice Area: Sex Crime Outcome: Client had all counts dismissed by the State after careful negotiation.
Description: Client charged with Class X felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault with a weapon, aggravated criminal sexual assault resulting in bodily harm, aggravated kidnapping while armed with a dangerous weapon, and felony counts of aggravated unlawful restraint, and aggravated domestic battery by strangulation.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense Outcome: By compiling a great deal of evidence in mitigation before the open statements were heard, we were able to successfully argue against any incarceration at the sentencing hearing. The client was given probation.
Description: Client, a decorated US Army veteran, was charged with Class X felony of armed violence after being arrested in a sting operation with drugs and a gun in his vehicle.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense Outcome: Case dismissed by the State.
Description: Client, a university student, charged with resisting arrest for failing to stop walking after a police officer allegedly ordered him to.

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