Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are one of the biggest killers in the United States, claiming over 30,000 victims a year. Millions more are injured as a result of car crashes, and these accidents cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars. It’s one of the most serious dangers facing Americans today, and you put yourself at risk every time you get into a car.

That being said, the automobile is an integral part of our society and it’s unhealthy to let a fear of auto accidents to affect your day-to-day life. By following a few simple safety tips, you can make your car trips considerably safer:

  • Fasten your safety belt. A seat belt can be the single greatest determiner for whether you live through an accident or not. Of the 30,000 automobile-related fatalities every year, about half of them could have been prevented had the victim worn his or her seat belt. Thousands of people are alive today because they were smart and buckled up.
  • Focus on the road. You owe it to yourself, your passengers, and everyone around you to make driving safely your first priority. Making phone calls and fiddling with the radio jeopardize the well-being of everyone around you. Keep your eyes and mind on the road.
  • Read your state’s driver’s handbook. The DMV offers a driver’s handbook that will let you know all the rules of the road and offer you tips for being a safer driver.

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