Benefits of the Pre-Trial Motion

While the type and severity of criminal charges can vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the case, the individual’s criminal history, and other factors, a conviction on any type of crime can have a serious effect on a person’s livelihood, finances, and freedom. Persons who have been accused of a crime may not be familiar with many parts of the criminal process, including the pre-trial motions, trial, and sentencing.

Courtroom dramas and other justice-based television shows often focus specifically on the trial portion of a criminal case, and rarely show other important parts of the legal process like pre-trial motions. While such actions do not often make for thrilling drama, they are often an essential part of the criminal defense process. For more information on criminal defense and defending against charges, contact the Champaign criminal attorneys of Bruno Law Offices at (217) 328-6000 today.

Pre-Trial Motions

Pre-trial motions typically are used to:

  • Request that certain pieces of evidence be excluded from the case due to improper collection, contamination, or tampering
  • Argue to exclude defendant confessions
  • Discuss witnesses to be called and other trial processes
  • Negotiate plea deals and reduced charges for the defendant

If you have been charged with a serious crime, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to help defend your rights.

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