Many of the people involved in the planning of a criminal offense will not actually take part in the crime itself. People who took part in the planning of a crime can be charged with conspiracy to commit that crime. The crime does not even need to take place in reality for the planners to face conspiracy charges. Sometimes people who were unaware of the crime at all can face conspiracy charges. If you have been charged with conspiracy, you deserve the help of an experienced Champaign defense lawyer.

The severity of conspiracy charges depends on the seriousness of the intended offense. For example, conspiracy to commit murder is a much more serious crime than conspiracy to commit burglary. Anyone who knowingly assists the people who intend to commit murder in any way can be charged with conspiracy, no matter how small their contribution may be.

Since the crime need not have actually taken place, anything that can implicate you in the planning of a crime could lead to a false conviction, even if you had nothing to do with it in reality. For example, even if you were unaware of a murder plot, unwittingly giving the conspirators the victim’s address might be enough. Without the help of an experienced defense lawyer, it can sometimes be difficult to prove that a defendant knew nothing about the planning of a criminal act.

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