Contempt of Cop

Police departments make a point of repeatedly telling the public that they are there to “protect and serve.” In practice, it can often feel as if the relationship does not work this way. Although disagreeing with the police is entirely within our rights, it is not rare for the police to arrest otherwise peaceable people for questioning their authority.

These arrests, which some consider a lesser form of police brutality, are sometimes referred to as arrest for “contempt of cop.” This term, although derived from the actual crime of contempt of court, does not refer to an actual crime. Instead, it is used to refer to behavior that police officers may perceive as disrespectful. Official reasons officers give for such arrests include disorderly conduct and resisting arrest: two vaguely-defined offenses.

The First Amendment protects our right to free speech, including the right to disagree with police officers. The only limitations the law places on freedom of speech are in cases like threats or inciting a riot.

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