Contents of a Search Warrant

A search warrant is a legal document issued by a judge that gives police permission to search your property. In most cases, police must obtain a warrant to search your home, business, or vehicle without your permission. While there are different kinds of search warrants, there is some basic information that each warrant should contain.

Whenever you are searched or questioned by the police, it is very important to know your legal rights. If you believe your rights have been violated by an officer of the law, we can help you fight back. Call the Champaign criminal defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices today at (217) 328-6000.

Information in a Search Warrant

Before an officer searches your property, you have a right to read the warrant he or she has been issued. This warrant should contain the following information:

  • The time and date it was issued
  • The specific property (room, building, vehicle, etc) that officers can search
  • The time period during which the property can be searched
  • What property can be seized if found
  • Confirmation that the officers have probable cause to search the property

If a search warrant does not contain this information, it may not be legitimate. If you have any questions about your rights as a suspect or defendant, you need to speak with an experienced Champaign criminal defense attorney as soon as you can.

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