Defending Your Breathalyzer Denial

Receiving a DUI charge can be a very scary and worrisome ordeal. This type of conviction is very serious, bringing with it long-term consequences that could affect your driving record and insurance premiums. At the time of your arrest, an officer may have requested to conduct a test to calculate your BAC, or blood alcohol content. You may have refused to take this test, and you may now be worried about the consequences of your decision.

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Lines of Defense

During the legal proceedings, your word will likely be up against the word of the officer who arrested you. Therefore, his or her testimony could carry more weight than yours. To help counter this, an experienced defense attorney may use one or more of the following legal strategies:

  • Questioning whether or not the police officer should have stopped you to begin with
  • Checking to see if the breathalyzer results were processed according to accepted guidelines and standards
  • Introducing video footage from the officer’s vehicle

If police officer misconduct or police error played a part in your arrest, this could bolster your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

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