Domestic Violence in Illinois

Illinois has recognized domestic violence as a crime against an individual as well as society. It is the promotion of escalating violence that can turn into homicide within the family, as well as creating an emotional environment destructive to healthy development within the family. For these reasons, the state has a vested interest in prosecuting domestic violence harshly.

Examples of Domestic Violence Offenses

Actions that may legally qualify as acts of domestic violence include:

  • Abuse: This can mean physical abuse, intimidation, harassment, or depriving a dependent person of his or her personal liberties.
  • Exploitation: This can potentially be stealing assets or other resources of an adult with disabilities. It can also mean the use of deception, intimidation or extortion for personal gain.
  • Harassment: This can be any action that results in a victim feeling emotional distress. Sadly common examples include: creating a disturbance at the victim’s school or place of employment; repeatedly telephoning the victim’s home or place of employment; stalking a victim; and any and all threats.
  • Negligence: The failure to perform care for an adult with disabilities. Examples include: failure to prevent the victim from being abused; the use of unreasonable restraint; and failure to offer sustenance, shelter, apparel, or hygiene. It can also be failure to offer medical or rehabilitative care for physical or mental disabilities or failure to protect an individual from safety or health hazards.

All of these are serious allegations that can be punished severely. If you have been accused of any of these actions, you will need the help of an experienced Champaign defense lawyer to protect your legal rights.

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