Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information

Identity theft is a growing occurrence in America today. When someone intentionally steals or tries to use someone else’s identifying information while posing as that person, he or she commits identity theft or fraudulent use and/or possession of identifying information.

Stolen identifying information is usually sought after inside the victim’s physical garbage, inside his or her computer, inside a government agency or credit card institution’s computer system, or employee records. An identity thief looks for certain identifying information that he or she can use to find a job, purchase goods, obtain money, or destroy / defraud credit, including:

  • Victim’s full name and maiden name
  • Victim’s social security number
  • Victim’s date of birth
  • Victim’s physical and billing address
  • Any other government-related identification numbers
  • Victim’s credit card or banking information

New Age of Identifying Information

Law enforcement agencies are also facing a new threat: unique biometric data theft. Any person who uses another person’s fingerprint, vocal print, retina, or iris in a fraudulent manner can also be charged with fraudulent possession of identifying information.

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Obtaining, possessing, using, or transferring a person’s identifying information without his or her consent can be grounds for charges of fraudulent use or possession of identifying information, and these charges are taken very seriously.

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