Harassment is a very specific type of interaction, usually directed from one person towards another individual. A person commits harassment the moment he or she purposefully and successfully annoys, abuses, agonizes, terrorize, stresses, embarrasses or performs any other malicious or obscene form of communication towards another person.

Harassment is sometimes mistaken with harassment in the workplace, but the fact is, harassment can happen everywhere. Whether it is via telephone, written document, spoken on the street, or in an electronic message, a harmful message can be taken to court and used against an individual with a harassment charge.

Forms of Harassment

Harassment can take many forms, some of the most common of which include:

  • Any threatening messages that are intended to make someone believe he or she is in danger or any messages that try to falsely inform someone about the death or injury of another person
  • Any constant communication that is meant to distress the other individual, such as anonymous or incessant phone calling
  • Failing to hang up the telephone in order to disrupt the telephone communication system of another household
  • Any kind of sexual or other obscene deviance that is intended for the victim to see with the intentions of ultimately harassing the individual
  • Bullying or trying to intimidate a person
  • Discriminating an individual on the basis of race, gender, national identity, or sexual orientation

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