Illinois Underage Drunk Driving Laws

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is considered a serious offense in Illinois. The penalties can be compounded if the person accused of drunk driving is under the legal drinking age of 21. Drunk driving is a leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 15 and 21; courts are currently trying to address this problem by imposing steep punishments for underage drunk driving.

If your child has been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, he or she could be facing staggering fines, jail time, and a damaged reputation. For the legal assistance you need, call the Champaign underage DUI defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices at (217) 328-6000.

Underage DUI Penalties

A person who is under age 21 can be charged with DUI for operating a motor vehicle with any amount of alcohol in his or her bloodstream, even with a blood alcohol content as low as .01. A first-time conviction for underage DUI can be penalized by:

  • Driver’s license suspension for a minimum of 2 years
  • Up to 1 year in prison
  • A fine up to $2,500

If a person is convicted of a second DUI conviction before turning 21, he or she faces penalties including:

  • Loss of driving privileges for 5 years or until age 21 (whichever comes later)
  • A minimum of 5 days, maximum 1 year in jail
  • 30 days of community service
  • A fine up to $2,500

A third underage DUI penalty is a Class 4 felony and can be penalized with:

  • Loss of driving privileges for at least 10 years
  • A minimum of 10 days, maximum 3 years in jail
  • 60 days of community service
  • A fine up to $25,000

As you can see, accusations of underage DUI must be taken seriously; the penalties can affect your child’s life for years to come.

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