Involuntary Manslaughter and Reckless Homicide

A person who unintentionally kills someone commits involuntary manslaughter due to a reckless act. If the death is caused by a motor vehicle, the person has committed reckless homicide. If the person while driving causes the vehicle to become airborne he or she has committed reckless homicide. Both involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide are Class 3 Felonies. Sentences are dependent on the amount of people who died in the accident.

A Class 2 Felony occurs when the defendant:

  • Causes the death of 2 or more persons upon a public crossing where children and crossing guards pass to get to and from school. If sentenced, the convicted felon will face no fewer than 3 years in jail and no more than 14.
  • Caused a death in a maintenance or construction zone as defined by the Illinois Vehicle Code.
  • Caused a death by failing or refusing to obey traffic signs or police officer procedures
  • Caused the death of 2 or more people in which the defendant caused a vehicle to become airborne upon driving at reckless speeds on an incline in a roadway, bridge approach, railroad crossing, or any other high point.
  • Caused the death of a peace officer killed while performing his duties as peace officer

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