Medical Marijuana and DUI

In a number of states in America, marijuana has been legalized for medical use. Acts have been passed that allow patients to smoke marijuana if they suffer from certain types of painful diseases. Scientists have discovered that marijuana helps reduce the symptoms of pain from these particular diseases. However, it is still recognized that marijuana does impair an individual’s ability to drive a car in a manner similar to alcohol and other types of controlled and prescription drugs.

Law enforcement officers can charge individuals with DUI if they are found to be impaired while driving by marijuana use. DUI charges can wreak havoc on your personal, professional, and financial lives. If you have been charged with DUI, contact the Champaign DUI defense attorney of Bruno Law Offices at (217) 328-6000 as soon as possible.

Uses of Medical Marijuana

Some individual patients derive great relief from marijuana when they are suffering from certain diseases. These diseases include:

  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV
  • AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma

Even if a patient carries a card that indicates that they can legally consume marijuana, it is still illegal for them to attempt to drive a car while under its influence. However, law enforcement agents might wrongly assume that an individual has consumed marijuana simply because he or she carries a medical marijuana card.

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