The criminal charge of racketeering should be taken extremely seriously. Typically an offense associated with organized crime, charges of racketeering are leveled against anyone who is a member of an enterprise that has committed two or more offenses from specific list within a ten-year period. If that sounds vaguely-defined, it is: organized crime groups go to great lengths to hide their illegal activities, so the government often casts a wide net. But this net can catch innocent people as well.

Part of the Organized Crimes Control Act is under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, often abbreviated RICO. This sweeping piece of legislation greatly expanded the government’s ability to conduct surveillance against organizations they suspect of being involved with organized crime. It gives them wide-ranging powers to observe organizations for years in the event that they witness any suspected criminal activity.

Even though our justice system considers the accused “innocent until proven guilty,” the law also gives law enforcement agencies the right to take control of the assets of anyone they have chosen to charge with racketeering. This alone gives them considerable power over anyone who falls in their sights, so long as they are able to convince a district attorney to file an indictment.

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