Restraining Orders in Illinois

A restraining order is a legal document issued by a civil court that is meant to protect victims of abuse or harassment from their abusers. In Illinois, restraining orders are known as orders of protection. These orders can be very useful in protecting men, women, and children from abusive partners or other parties. Unfortunately, they are also sometimes filed against innocent parties.

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The Types of Illinois Orders of Protection

There are three kinds of protection orders in the state of Illinois. They are:

  • Emergency order – These are intended to protect people from immediate threats to their health or safety. A judge can grant an emergency order of protection based on the applicant’s testimony, without any input from the alleged abuser. This order will expire when a hearing for an interim or plenary order is held, which is usually within a week or two.
  • Interim order – An interim order can last for up to 30 days. It is meant to “fill the gap” between the expiration of an emergency order and the hearing for a plenary order in situations where a hearing cannot be scheduled for some time. This kind of order cannot be issued until the alleged abuser has appeared before the judge or received notification of the upcoming hearing.
  • Plenary order – This kind of protection order can only be issued after a hearing, during which the plaintiff and defendant will both have a chance to present evidence. If the judge decides to issue a plenary order of protection, it will last for two years and can be renewed indefinitely.

A restraining order can limit where you live and work, who you can contact, your relationships with your children and/or other relatives, your career options, your personal freedoms, and more. If you have been accused of domestic violence or harassment, our Champaign restraining order defense attorneys will fight for your rights.

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