Theft of Service

Service industries may go unrecognized as a purchased good since it is human labor that is essentially purchased by customers and clients, rather than tangible items. People sometimes fail to value the efforts of a service industry by taking advantage of the company financially or by using rental equipment improperly, poorly, or against an agreement. Individuals who perform such actions may be charged with theft of service in a court of law.

Failure to Pay

Cases of theft of service have included individuals deceiving a company into believing he or she will pay for services rendered when he or she has no intention of paying. Customers may also coerce or threaten service industries into believing that they are at fault for damage to the customer’s property in order to avoid payment. Cases have included individuals failing to pay restaurant bills, campground bills, park bills, or hotel bills.

Failure to Return Equipment

A customer may also be charged with theft of service when he or she fails to return equipment he or she rented from an establishment. Rental equipment returned should be in functioning condition and must only be used in a manner that is in accordance with the rental agreement established by the service provider. When this does not take place the renter may be charged with theft of service.

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