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A DUI arrest can leave you worried and confused, but a conviction can turn your world upside down. The legal consequences of a DUI conviction are severe, but because of the social stigma that comes with this crime, people may find that their personal and professional lives suffer long into the future, as well.

By gaining the help of a dedicated criminal defense attorney, you may be able to avoid a conviction and breathe freely again. The Monticello DUI defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices are committed to helping you build a strong defense. Call 217-328-6000 to find out more about what we can do for you.

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    Our DUI Defense Practice Areas

    The details of your case will determine whether or not your DUI is considered a felony or a misdemeanor. Aggravating factors such as someone else being hurt or repeat DUI offenses can result in a DUI charge being upgraded to a felony.

    The Monticello DUI defense attorneys at Bruno Law Offices are here to provide you with the dedicated legal representation you need if you are facing charges of:

    • Drunk Driving
    • Felony DUI

    If you are facing either of these charges, find out more about fighting to preserve your freedom by calling 217-328-6000.

    Consequences for Driving Under the Influence

    DUI, or driving under the influence, is punished harshly, and states like Illinois look to make an example of offenders. As much as a year in prison, a fine of up to $2,500, and the potential for 5 years of driver’s license suspension await first and second time DUI offenders.

    The felony charge is reserved for those who are charged with a third DUI or those drivers who allegedly injure others while driving under the influence. For these offenders, fines can reach $10,000, jail sentences can be as many as three years, and a driver’s license can be revoked for up to six years.

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    Huge fines, lengthy prison sentences, and driver’s license loss are three common DUI penalties that most people simply cannot afford. To mount a strong defense against the charges you face, contact the Monticello DUI defense attorneys of Bruno Law Offices by calling 217-328-6000 today.