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Champaign Embezzlement Lawyers

The crime of embezzlement occurs when an individual illegally, and without the owner’s knowledge, appropriates funds that have been entrusted to him or her. People who are most commonly in the position to embezzle money include bankers, employees at financial institutions, and family members. However, anyone who has been granted access to or has otherwise been put in charge of someone else’s money has the potential to commit embezzlement.

An embezzlement conviction can ruin your life. If you have been charged with this crime, then a qualified and experienced attorney can help protect your rights and freedoms. Contact the Champaign embezzlement lawyers of Bruno Law Offices today at (217) 328-6000 to learn more about your legal options.

Illinois Embezzlement Law

In the state of Illinois, the terms of your sentencing will depend upon the amount of money you embezzled before being caught. Typically, the following acts are considered to be embezzlement and could be punished by years in prison and high fines:

  • Pocketing the money paid by a customer without recording the transaction
  • Check kiting
  • Writing bad checks
  • Transferring funds
  • Collecting paychecks for fake employees

If you have been accused of embezzling money, then you will need strong legal representation on your side. Call the Champaign-Urbana embezzlement lawyers of Bruno Law Offices at (217) 328-6000 to schedule an initial consultation with a qualified attorney.

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If you have been charged with embezzlement, then you will need an experienced defense attorney to protect you in court. The Champaign embezzlement lawyers of Bruno Law Offices can provide you with the aggressive representation you need. Contact us today at (217) 328-6000 to speak with an attorney about forming an effective defense.

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