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Champaign Grand Theft Lawyers

Being convicted of grand theft can seriously damage your criminal record. This crime is elevated in severity above petty theft, which includes the thieving of minor, lower-valued items. You commit grand theft when you unlawfully take property – typically valued at $400 or more – from another person or party. A grand theft conviction can prevent you from receiving loan approvals, successfully renting apartments, or even being offered jobs.

An experienced defense lawyer can protect your rights and interests if you have been accused of committing grand theft. The Champaign grand theft lawyers of Bruno Law Offices have the experience necessary to help you. Contact us by calling Bruno Law Offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

Common Grand Theft Offenses

Grand theft may be committed in many different ways. Some of the most common forms of grand theft include stealing automobiles, shoplifting high-ticket items, unlawfully taking firearms, and stealing expensive property from a residence. Other grand theft offenses that have been on the rise recently include credit card theft and Internet fraud.

Individuals convicted of grand theft face jail time, high fines, probation, and community service requirements. If you have been charged of this crime, then the qualified Champaign-Urbana criminal defense lawyers of Bruno Law Offices may be able to effectively represent you in court.

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If you have been charged with grand theft, then you will need a capable and qualified criminal defense lawyer to protect you in a court of law. The Champaign grand theft lawyers of Bruno Law Offices can aggressively represent you. Contact us today at (217) 328-6000 to speak with an attorney about your options.

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