Illinois woman pleads guilty to vehicular homicide

Posted on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 at 8:01 pm    

Twenty-four-year-old Philo, Illinois resident Katheryn Daly plead guilty to a single count of reckless vehicular homicide on Monday, March 31. The charge is related to an October 6th, 2013 accident that killed her 19-year-old cousin, Annie.

Instead of giving Daly a sentence predetermined by state attorney Julia Rietz and attorney Mark Lipton, Champaign County Judge Richard Klaus will decide the conditions of Daly’s sentence on May 16th.

Lipton, Daly’s attorney, said that he plans to ask the judge for a probationary sentence since she is a mother with a full-time nursing job. States attorney, Rietz, on the other hand, said a boot camp sentence is not objectionable should the judge decide to send Daly to prison.

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