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April 1st, 2022

Five Things You Need to Know About Your Heroin Possession Charge

The state of Illinois is notorious for its toughness on drug crimes, and heroin possession carries particularly serious penalties. If you are convicted on charges of heroin possession, you will be seriously at risk of losing your rights or freedoms, possibly for years or even decades. The possession charges on your criminal record may seriously...

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December 1st, 2021

What Qualifies as Drug Paraphernalia?

When people think of drug crimes, one that’s often overlooked is possession of drug paraphernalia. But you don’t even have to have drugs on your person or in your home to be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. You can be arrested just for having certain items that are associated with consuming, manufacturing, or distributing...

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May 27th, 2015

Student receives reduced charges and probation after pleading guilty

A student from the University of Illinois was sentenced after pleading guilty to the Class 3 felony of one count of possession of cannabis with intent to deliver between 30-500 grams, according to the News-Gazette on May 27. For pleading guilty, the student received a reprieve on more serious charges brought against her, including the intent...

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January 14th, 2015

Hoopeston man arrested for cannabis possession

Thirty-four-year-old Hoopeston, Illinois resident Kareem Marshall is currently detained at the Champaign County Jail with a $10,000 bond after being arrested for charges of felony unlawful possession with intent to deliver cannabis, The News-Gazette reported on December 31. A police report showed that Marshall, holding a duffel bag, asked the clerk on duty at the front...

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March 13th, 2014

Woman Sentenced to Probation in Connection to Drug Charges

A 20-year-old woman was recently sentenced to 4 years of probation after being convicted on Class 1 felony charges, which can carry sentences as high as 15 years in prison. The woman was accused of being part of a drug selling ring operating in Urbana, IL, and was one of five people arrested on February...

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August 6th, 2013

Marijuana found in one of Justin Beiber’s tour buses

Prior to Canadian teen singer Justin Bieber’s performance at the Joe Louis Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, June 28, police authorities confiscated a sufficient amount of marijuana for personal use from one of his tour buses. According to an e-mail sent by U.S. Customs and Border Protection chief public liaisons officer Kenneth Hammond...

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March 27th, 2013

Medical condition saves drug cartel member from prison sentence

A 25-year-old Saybrook resident, who was a defendant in a McLean County drug trafficking case, was kept from getting almost a decade in prison due to a serious medical affliction that he has had since childhood. Dustin Pulliam, who was involved in a massive marijuana shipment operation from California to multiple sources in McLean County,...

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November 7th, 2012

Drug charges filed against Champaign man

Over the weekend, a 47-year-old Champaign man was arrested after police responded to a call regarding shots being fired near Fourth and Hill streets. According to the report, several shots were fired in the area, and two groups of men dispersed from the area before police arrived at the scene. Once police arrived, they evacuated...

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June 6th, 2012

Man charged with drug possession in Urbana while out on bond

On May 5, a 38-year-old Urbana man was arrested after he was found in a vehicle with a substantial amount of heroin and cash on him. He was taken to jail and released on bond. He arrived in court for that charge last Tuesday, and his hearing was extended to July 24. The man was...

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February 9th, 2012

Meth drug bust in Algonquin

On Tuesday, Feb 2, McHenry County Sheriff’s Police seized 700 grams, or $25,000 worth of methamphetamine at an Algonquin home. This was found to be unusual in the northwest part of Illinois, as the use methamphetamine is more common in the central and southern parts of the state. According to Illinois State Police Master Sergeant...

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