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George Zimmerman arrested for suspected domestic assault

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Florida has reported that 31-year-old George Michael Zimmerman has been arrested on Friday, January 9, according to cnn.com.

According to Judge John Galluzo, Zimmerman allegedly threw the wine bottle at the then-girlfriend and broke her cellphone. The arrest was made after police pulled over his girlfriend for a minor traffic violation. Information provided at the traffic stop was enough to warrant probable cause which lead to Zimmerman’s arrest. Galluzo ordered Zimmerman at the Saturday hearing to avoid contact with the woman who reported him and to surrender any weapons that may be in his possession to a third party.

Zimmerman was released on a $5,000 bond Saturday, January 10.

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Mattoon man plead guilty to domestic battery, other charges dismissed

Twenty-four-year-old Mark Currie plead guilty on May 23 to domestic battery charges, the Journal Gazette & Times-Courier reported.

Currie, a Mattoon, Illinois local, hit a woman in April at the Super 8 motel on McFall Road. The charge became a felony because Currie had an outstanding domestic battery conviction in Macon County. He was sentenced to three years of imprisonment due to his criminal record.

Other accusations against Currie that day included bashing a man’s head against the wall at the entrance of the motel and damaging the motel’s computers and shelves. The aggravated battery and property damage charges against him, however, were dismissed in a plea agreement.

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Aron Ralston in jail for suspicion of domestic violence

Thirty-eight-year-old Aron Ralston, the man whose inspiring story of cutting his right forearm off to save his life after being caught by a boulder in a Utah canyon, prompting the movie 127 Hours, has been incarcerated in the Denver County jail since the night of Saturday, December 7 on suspicion of domestic violence. A Denver Police Department spokeswoman told Reuters she was not at liberty to divulge important information about the case.

However, according to court records, Ralston is facing two criminal charges: assault and “wrongs to minors.” As people charged with domestic violence are not allowed to pay bail to leave prison before a court appearance, Ralston must remain in jail until he sees a judge.

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