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Chicago proposes texting ban for bicyclists

This week, a proposed ordinance was presented to the  Chicago City Council which would create new traffic violation offenses for bicyclists in the city.  The City Council’s Traffic Safety Committee and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have expressed support for the ordinance.

The proposal would ban bicyclists in Chicago from using cell phones without hands-free devices while in motion.  In addition, bicyclists would be completely banned from texting.

Bicyclists who are caught using cell phones or texting could be ticketed by police.  Traffic citations for 1st offenses would most likely cost around $20.  Citations for subsequent offenses could cost up to $100.  Also, if a bicyclist is involved in an accident involving cell phone usage, they could be fined up to $500.

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Riverside Police step up traffic violation enforcement

Last month, the Riverside Police reported making an effort to increase enforcement of traffic laws in the city.  Officers focused on four of the city’s most problematic areas and issued 22 traffic citations in the first week of the crackdown.

Police said that they decided to step up enforcement after requests from several of the city’s residents.  The four areas that law enforcement officers focused their efforts on were Harlem Avenue, Riverside Brookfield High School, the 100 block of Barrypoint Road, and the 300 block of Longcommon Road.

Most of the traffic citations were given for speeding, running through stop signs, and using cell phones in school zones.  One citation for driving without a license resulted in arrest.

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Dad-to-be given speeding ticket after police escort

A New Hampshire Dad has gained national attention for his fight against a speeding ticket issued to him after police escorted him and his wife to the hospital for his son’s birth.

In September, John Coughlin’s wife went into labor in their car.  Coughlin began speeding to get his wife to the hospital in time for a safe delivery.  A state trooper clocked Coughlin traveling at 102 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone and attempted to pull him over.  Coughlin then called 911 to describe his situation and the trooper escorted him to the hospital.

Six minutes after arriving at the hospital Coughlin’s baby boy was born.  Soon after, the trooper congratulated the new dad and gave him a speeding ticket.  Coughlin insists that he was not driving recklessly and did not put any other drivers at risk, but was simply trying to make sure his wife and son were safe.

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Cost of traffic violations rises in Illinois

This Wednesday, the state of Illinois will be increasing its speeding violation fees, as well as other traffic offense-related fees.  Bonds for speeding tickets will increase from $75 to $120.  Judge Jeffrey B. Ford of Champaign County Court stated, “Looking at every other state, we realized our bonds were way too low”.  The decision’s proponents argue that the $75 fee had been the same for decades and that it is about time it was corrected for inflation.

Other traffic violations that will see increases in bonds include driving without a seat belt or driving with a suspended license.  Those criticizing the decision believe that legislators only thought to do so because of Illinois’ $13 billion budget deficit.  Officials expect that the increases will generate around $2.5 million for the county, $2.9 million for the county’s municipalities, and $1.1 million for the state.

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Speeding accident leaves none injured

According to police, an 18-year-old woman driver of an SUV was uninjured in a single-vehicle accident that occurred on Mattis Avenue.

The accident occurred just after 8 a.m. Monday at the intersection of Mattis and West Union Street. Police determined that the driver had been speeding recklessly, which caused her vehicle to roll over as she attempted to turn left.

The driver was ticketed for driving too fast for conditions, driving an uninsured vehicle and having no valid driver’s license.

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