Trial into battery against child continues

Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2014 at 7:25 pm    

Earlier this month, Brittany Wells, the mother of a 14-month-old boy named Kyson who was allegedly the victim of her 26-year-old boyfriend Aaron Tosh’s battery, told a McLean County jury that Tosh caused her son to suffer from a skull fracture and a broken arm. Kyson was recovering from a fall at the time the alleged abuse took place, but Wells noted that his injuries had worsened.

Wells admitted that her older child sometimes teased the younger siblings, which included the child in the hospital, but she testified that there had been no altercations among the children the day that Kyson was taken to the hospital.

McLean County Sheriff’s detective Tim Tyler testified to the court that he interviewed Tosh, and that the accused denied all allegations of harming the child.

Should Tosh be convicted on battery charges, he could be imprisoned for anywhere from 6 to 30 years.

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