Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide in death of Reeva Steenkamp

Posted on Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 1:58 pm    

Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa, after 44 days of court proceedings, finally handed out her verdict regarding the four charges filed against 27-year-old South African Olympian marathon runner Oscar Pistorius, the Daily Beast reported on September 12.

The charges included the murder of his model girlfriend, 31-year-old Reeva Steenkamp, two counts of reckless mishandling of a firearm in public, and illegal possession of ammunition found in Pistorius’ house in Pretoria. Instead of murder, Masipa found Pistorius guilty of the lesser charge of culpable homicide, which is the killing of someone through reckless or negligent actions.

Masipa stated that the prosecution had failed to prove without a doubt that Pistorius had intended to kill his girlfriend. Masipa dismissed the majority of character evidence and witness testimony, alleging that it was circumstantial and fallible.

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