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Defense attorney Tony Bruno avoids jail time for client

Attorney Tony Bruno recently represented a Champaign resident who was accused of recording a teenage girl without permission, according to a June 17 article in The News-Gazette.

The accused pleaded guilty to unauthorized video recording. Although the Assistant State Attorney argued for a jail term of three years, Bruno managed to reduce the sentence to home detention and a period of probation. The home detention will be monitored by an electrical device for six months. Then, a probation period of 30 months will follow. Bruno said that his client has performed community service work for three years now, and probation would provide him the chance to continue this positive contribution.

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Tom Bruno eliminates six of seven charges with plea agreement for client

Daniel Beckwitt was facing seven criminal charges in 2013, to which he originally pleaded not guilty. Six of those charges were eventually dropped after attorney Tom Bruno arranged a plea agreement with Assistant State’s Attorney Matt Banach. In the end, Beckwitt pleaded guilty to a single count of computer fraud, a Class 3 felony. As part of his punishment for the felony, Beckwitt was sentenced to 24 months of probation and made to pay just under $25,000 in fines and restitution.

The original charges stemmed from allegations concerning Beckwitt’s tampering with computers in the University of Illinois’ Everitt Laboratory to gain access to a student’s account with the use of a keyboard logger. By doing so, the affected student was made to commit an academic integrity violation. UI also claimed that the hacking forced the cancellation of a final exam.  Beckwitt was ordered to compensate the University of Illinois over $22,000 to pay for the damages that were associated with the crime that he pleaded guilty to.

Urbana implements new procedure to catch drug dealers

The Urbana Police Division in Illinois has begun sending out patrol officers to make raids on drug tips rather than just its detectives, the Springfield News-Sun reported on April 3.

For instance, police officers raided the house of Urbana locals Steven Inskeep, 57, and Sonda Shafer, 48, wherein they found 20 marijuana plants. Additionally, their warehouse along U.S. Route 36 was raided, and 165 more marijuana plants were found.

A few days prior to this raid, police officers obtained a warrant to search the home of 43-year-old Christina McDonald, who lives at 112 1/3 E. Church Street, where they found prescription medicine and marijuana, as well as evidence relating to a different theft case, according to a statement signed by Urbana Police Chief Matt Lingrell.

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Champaign man pleads guilty to aggravated robbery, receives 15 years

Forty-two-year-old Champaign County resident Terry Leece was sentenced to 15 years in prison on March 9 by Coles County Circuit Judge Teresa Righter after pleading guilty to charges of aggravated robbery and attempted aggravated robbery, the Journal Gazette & Times-Courier reported.

Leece, who lives in St. Joseph, robbed a Walgreens and attempted to rob a CVS Pharmacy on the same morning in 2012.

His admission of guilt in January was the second time he pleaded guilty; he first did so last June, but he was allowed to withdraw his guilty plea without objection when it was learned two months later that he received incorrect information about the sentence he would be facing should he decide to plead guilty.

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Hoopeston man arrested for cannabis possession

Thirty-four-year-old Hoopeston, Illinois resident Kareem Marshall is currently detained at the Champaign County Jail with a $10,000 bond after being arrested for charges of felony unlawful possession with intent to deliver cannabis, The News-Gazette reported on December 31.

A police report showed that Marshall, holding a duffel bag, asked the clerk on duty at the front desk of a Residence Inn located at 502 W. Marketview Drive C for a key to a room under his girlfriend’s name. The clerk called the police after becoming suspicious of a marijuana smell in Marshall’s presence. The police knocked on the door of Marshall and his girlfriend’s room, but they were not answered.

Police arrested Marshall behind the motel building, where they found him crouched behind an electrical box with the duffel bag on the ground.

A leafy substance inside the duffel bags tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol, a substance found in the cannabis plant, the police report showed. The three bags weighed 502.5 grams, 138.2 grams, and 14.3 grams, respectively.

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Pair charged with drugs and gun crimes after traffic stop

Twenty-six-year-old New Memphis in Clinton County, Illinois resident Leross Cooks and 26-year-old Rantoul in Champaign County local James Wesley Guy were arrested by Urbana police on November 18 after a traffic violation stop resulted in more serious findings, The News-Gazette reported.

Urbana police Sergeant Dan Morgan said a police officer pulled the suspects’ car over in the 1200 block of Lierman Avenue at around 1:40 p.m. for a supposed traffic violation. Cooks remained in the vehicle, but Guy attempted to run from the police. Guy was apprehended after a brief chase.

Guy, who was found to be wanted for warrants in Ohio, was charged with being a fugitive from justice and being a habitual armed criminal. Cooks, on the other hand, was charged with possession of a controlled substance for allegedly possessing a small amount of hydrocodone when the police arrested him. Two other misdemeanors, possession of cannabis and possession of a firearm without the proper ID card, were pinned on Cooks.

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Champaign man charged with drug crimes

Twenty-nine-year-old Champaign resident Harvey Blakely was charged in the Champaign County Circuit Court with unlawful possession with intent to deliver heroin and cocaine, both of which are Class 1 felonies, after being arrested on Saturday, October 25 and assigned a $500,000 bond, The News-Gazette reported.

Blakely was arrested after a shooting occurred outside the house where he was throwing a party. A Champaign police report showed that authorities responded to sounds of shooting near the area at round 3:55 a.m. and found 24-year-old Champaign local Jermel Hedrick fatally wounded inside a parked truck.

Police obtained a search warrant to search the perimeters of the house and found the contraband – individually wrapped bags of cocaine and heroin – under one of the mattresses.

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Feds bust extensive drug trafficking network

The United States Attorney’s Office in Chicago, Illinois said in a statement that 22 suspects of a major drug trafficking network stretching from Mexico to six U.S. states had been taken under police custody, with 14 of them arrested in Chicago, California, Iowa, and Pennsylvania this week, an Associated Press article reported.

The suspects were charged with conspiracy or possession with intent to distribute narcotics in three criminal complaints, with some facing at least 40 years of imprisonment if found guilty of their charges. One of the defendants was identified as 37-year-old Lombard, Illinois resident Victor Mata Madrigal, who was known to his colleagues as “Obama.” He was said to be the Chicago-area leader of the drug network.

A criminal complaint showed that almost $4 million in cash was confiscated by the police in Madrigal’s Chicago home in April 2013.

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Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide in death of Reeva Steenkamp

Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa, after 44 days of court proceedings, finally handed out her verdict regarding the four charges filed against 27-year-old South African Olympian marathon runner Oscar Pistorius, the Daily Beast reported on September 12.

The charges included the murder of his model girlfriend, 31-year-old Reeva Steenkamp, two counts of reckless mishandling of a firearm in public, and illegal possession of ammunition found in Pistorius’ house in Pretoria. Instead of murder, Masipa found Pistorius guilty of the lesser charge of culpable homicide, which is the killing of someone through reckless or negligent actions.

Masipa stated that the prosecution had failed to prove without a doubt that Pistorius had intended to kill his girlfriend. Masipa dismissed the majority of character evidence and witness testimony, alleging that it was circumstantial and fallible.

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Woman charged with DUI denied bail for violating terms of probation

Fifty-nine-year-old Illinois resident Leslie Thurow has been ordered to be held without bail for violating terms of her probation. The probation came from Thurow pleading guilty to an aggravated DUI charge just days prior.

According to Cook County records, Thurow struck an unidentified state trooper as she was driving along Interstate 294 in the northbound lanes of the Tri-State Tollway near Berkeley on the Saturday afternoon of August 30.

After pleading guilty to the aggravated DUI charge, Thurow was given a $450,000 bond, but the bond was forfeited.

Thurow’s current charges, which are all felonies, include leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, aggravated DUI in a personal injury accident, and aggravated DUI.

Assistant State Attorney Sean Brown said the trooper involved suffered a broken shoulder blade, vertebrae, arm, ribs, and knees due to the accident.

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