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Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide in death of Reeva Steenkamp

Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa, after 44 days of court proceedings, finally handed out her verdict regarding the four charges filed against 27-year-old South African Olympian marathon runner Oscar Pistorius, the Daily Beast reported on September 12.

The charges included the murder of his model girlfriend, 31-year-old Reeva Steenkamp, two counts of reckless mishandling of a firearm in public, and illegal possession of ammunition found in Pistorius’ house in Pretoria. Instead of murder, Masipa found Pistorius guilty of the lesser charge of culpable homicide, which is the killing of someone through reckless or negligent actions.

Masipa stated that the prosecution had failed to prove without a doubt that Pistorius had intended to kill his girlfriend. Masipa dismissed the majority of character evidence and witness testimony, alleging that it was circumstantial and fallible.

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Woman charged with DUI denied bail for violating terms of probation

Fifty-nine-year-old Illinois resident Leslie Thurow has been ordered to be held without bail for violating terms of her probation. The probation came from Thurow pleading guilty to an aggravated DUI charge just days prior.

According to Cook County records, Thurow struck an unidentified state trooper as she was driving along Interstate 294 in the northbound lanes of the Tri-State Tollway near Berkeley on the Saturday afternoon of August 30.

After pleading guilty to the aggravated DUI charge, Thurow was given a $450,000 bond, but the bond was forfeited.

Thurow’s current charges, which are all felonies, include leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, aggravated DUI in a personal injury accident, and aggravated DUI.

Assistant State Attorney Sean Brown said the trooper involved suffered a broken shoulder blade, vertebrae, arm, ribs, and knees due to the accident.

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Champaign man charged with assault against his father

The Champaign News Gazette reported that 20-year-old Champaign, Illinois resident Troy Humphrey was arrested and charged with felony aggravated battery on Monday, August 11 after allegedly assaulting an elderly man.

According to preliminary investigations made by the police detectives assigned to the case, Humphrey and his 68-year-old father started arguing in their home over who should be in control of the remote control when Humphrey started physically assaulting his father.

The father was forced to shoot Humphrey in the shoulder to make his son stop beating him, police said. The father was visiting Humphrey from Flint, Michigan. He was not charged with a crime since he acted in self-defense, police added.

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Attempted armed robbery suspect still loose

The Division of Public Safety is calling the attention of the public regarding an attempted robbery that took place in the 50th block of East John Street in Champaign, Illinois at around 3 a.m., The Daily Illini reported on July 18.

According to the public safety advisory, the victim was accosted by a man armed with a knife and asked for the victim’s wallet and mobile phone. An altercation followed, in which the victim was cut by the knife and the suspect was punched in the face. The identity and location of the man remain unknown, but Champaign police encourage anyone with information to come forward.

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Urbana man sentenced to 42 months for a car accident that killed a student

Fifty-nine-year-old Urbana resident Willie Craft, Sr., was sentenced to 42 months in prison by Judge Richard Klaus in a Champaign County courtroom for a car accident that killed a student pedestrian in last fall, The News-Gazette reported on July 9.

Craft pleaded guilty in early January to reckless homicide for causing the death of 20-year-old University of Illinois agricultural business student Mimi Liu in a vehicular accident on Oct. 9, 2013.

According to court documents, Liu was walking along Lincoln Avenue between classes when she was hit by Craft, a diabetic whose driving was impaired because of low blood sugar. According to Assistant State Attorney Elizabeth Dornik, Craft is responsible for controlling his own medical condition and should have known not to drive.

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Constitutionality of Highland Park DUI conviction to be decided on July 10

Lake County, Illinois Court Judge James Booras will make a decision on July 10 regarding whether or not Highland Park teenager Carly Rousso was convicted unconstitutionally on four counts of aggravated DUI, the Daily Herald reported on July 3.

According to police authorities, Rousso was driving under the influence after huffing computer dust cleaner when the Lexus she drove hit five-year-old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento, her mother, and her two brothers along the 700 block of Central Avenue in Highland Park. Jaclyn was killed in the incident.

Rousso’s defense attorney Douglas Zeit argued that Rousso was not eligible for the aggravated DUI because the dust cleaner’s compounds are not listed under the state’s list of intoxicants. If the conviction stands, Rousso faces three to 14 years in prison.

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Illinois woman guilty for killing 5-year-old in intoxicated driving accident

Nineteen-year-old Carly Rousso, the woman responsible for the 2012 Highland Park car accident that resulted in the death of five-year-old Jaclyn Santos Sacramento, was found guilty of four counts of aggravated driving under the influence on May 29, 89 WLS reported.

The accident took place on the 700 block of Central Avenue on Labor Day 2012. According to police reports, Rousso huffed a dust cleaner before driving her father’s Lexus Coupe. She was heading east when she lost control of her vehicle, jumping several lanes of traffic onto the sidewalk. The Coupe hit Jaclyn, who was a kindergarten student at Indian Trail School in Highland, her mother, and two male siblings. Jaclyn died instantaneously because of the multiple serious injuries she incurred during the crash.

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Mattoon man plead guilty to domestic battery, other charges dismissed

Twenty-four-year-old Mark Currie plead guilty on May 23 to domestic battery charges, the Journal Gazette & Times-Courier reported.

Currie, a Mattoon, Illinois local, hit a woman in April at the Super 8 motel on McFall Road. The charge became a felony because Currie had an outstanding domestic battery conviction in Macon County. He was sentenced to three years of imprisonment due to his criminal record.

Other accusations against Currie that day included bashing a man’s head against the wall at the entrance of the motel and damaging the motel’s computers and shelves. The aggravated battery and property damage charges against him, however, were dismissed in a plea agreement.

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Struggle over confidentiality in sexual harassment settlement

St. Clair County, Illinois state attorney Brendan Kelly issued the settlements for five women who were allegedly sexually harassed by former county clerk Bob Delaney, the Madison-St. Clair Record reported on May 15.

The five women, who lodged sexual harassment complaints via the Illinois Human Rights Commission, were paid amounts of $200,000; $150,000; $135,000; $90,000; and another $90,000, respectively, for compensatory and punitive damages, totaling $665,000.

Kelly redacted the names of the victims due to the privacy concerns of the women. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan asked Kelly to identify the names of the complainants because, despite confidentiality clauses in the settlement, public policy demands transparency when distributing taxpayers’ money. However, it was the view of Assistant State Attorney Sean Murley that the plaintiffs had the right to be insulated from public scrutiny due to the humiliation they may suffer as a result of the subject matter.

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Washington Park man pleads guilty to first-degree murder

Harold Ivy, 28, has pled guilty to the 2007 attempted robbery and murder of Washington Park clerk Loai Motan. He was convicted on the charge of first-degree murder and was sentenced to 37 years in prison.

During the attempted robbery on May 31, 2007, Ivy fatally shot Motan and injured his brother.

Prosecutors attempted to get Ivy the maximum 60 year sentence and the defense attempted to get Ivy the minimum 20 year sentence. With a 37 year sentence and credit for the seven years he has already spent in the county jail, Ivy will be 58 years old before he is eligible for release.

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